10 Unique Proposal Ideas

Proposal Ideas 

Struggling to think of creative proposal ideas? Marriage proposals have really become an important part of every couple’s relationship. Being proposed to is a big focus in a relationship and is something people always ask you about. How did he propose? Do you have it on film? Where were you? Therefore people tend to spend quite an amount of money on their Proposal Ideas. Proposals are something that we feel couples are really starting to embrace and enjoy, they are coming up with new ideas every day.

Tip: make sure that your proposal ideas is meaningful and significant to you and the one you love. Now get the champagne ready and let the adventure begin!

Jadee McGowan shares with us 10 of her unique proposals ideas and inspiration that we’ve seen around the city of Cape Town:

1. Couples Spa Day:

“We were once here at The One and Only for a couple’s treatment and we’re both laying on a bed either side of each other and at the end of our treatments, they took our hands and they joined them and it’s a moment for me that always stood out in my life.” – Jadee McGowan

This idea is very simple and easy to do for any couple or gentleman that’s a bit nervous to propose. You can book a lovely couples massage with your loved one, where you both will be laying on a bed either side of each other. At the end of the treatment, you can ask the therapist to join your hands and put the ring in your hand, this will create a very romantic moment for both of you, which makes it the perfect moment to propose.

10 unique proposal ideas
2. Under The Sea:

The aquarium is one of the most popular ideas in Cape Town, whereby you take your partner to the aquarium and actually go underwater to go and propose or if you’re on holiday, it’s really nice to go snorkelling in a beautiful clear blue sea and then pop the question while you’re snorkelling. One thing that we would suggest is to always ensure that you have a costume jewellery ring or perhaps a similar ring to the one you are going to propose with because you don’t wanna lose your ring under the water.10 unique proposal ideas

3. Surprise Vacation:

You can talk to the airline or the hostess beforehand and ask them to make that special announcement for you, while you would go down on your knee and pop the question.

“One of my friends, which I know of, her fiance proposed on the aeroplane, so he used the announcement on the aeroplane, he got one of the air hostess to announce it and he proposed on the plane while they were on their route to one of their holidays.” – Jadee McGowan

10 unique proposal ideas
4. Hotel or Resort:

Another option would be to wait until you arrive at your destination. Organise with the hotel to have your room beautifully decorated with flowers or balloons. You can even do a movie under the stars or a cooking class if preferred. If you’re going to a tropical destination like Mauritius, we love the Lux Resort, they really ensure interactive romantic proposals. There are lots of interactive ways that they ensure how you propose and not only that, they also have a photographer on stand by, waiting to capture that moment. This is one of the tips we can definitely suggest, have a photographer on stand by, waiting to capture your special moment.

10 unique proposal ideas

5. The Billboard:

This is not something for everyone and if you’re not a public person we wouldn’t advise this. If you have the option in your city or state where you have a billboard available, inquire you might find that they’d be so excited to be a part of your proposal that they’d happily give you a really good rate to do it. Then when you’re driving with your loved one, all of a sudden a billboard with “Will you marry me?” on it will pop up. Keep in mind that it will be a very public affection as well, cars hooting and people going crazy.10 unique proposal ideas

6. Pet Proposal:

Trending nowadays is to start off with an animal. It’s really nice to include your pet in your proposal, whether it’s a little dog, a bird or any form of an animal. You can have your pet walk around with little signs or clues on their chests and they will lead them to you popping the question or you can hang a little ring box around their necks.10 unique proposal ideas

7. Photoshoot:

While we are on the pets, it’s also a photoshoot opportunity. So suggest to your partner that you really want to do a photoshoot and you want to possibly include your pets and a photoshoot is a great way to ensure that both of you look your best, that way she will have her hair and makeup done. Another very important tip, she won’t be very happy if you send her for a photoshoot and she hasn’t done her makeup or hair, so ensure that she knows to pamper herself before the photoshoot.10 unique proposal ideas

8. Holiday Festivity:

It’s a really great idea to include a ring in one of your gifts, whether it’s on Christmas, Easter or Hanukkah. You can get a chocolatier to make a beautiful egg with the ring moulded inside and have an egg hunt. On Christmas morning, ensure to place the ring between a few other little gifts so that when she opens up that one eventually you can go down on one knee and propose under the Christmas tree or you can go more traditional and propose under the mistletoe.10 unique proposal ideas For those of you that love Asian food, a really novel idea of proposing is the fortune cookie. We are lucky enough to have a local fortune cookie manufacture here in South Africa and they often do customise fortune cookies, so you can do a customised proposal note. You can have the ring inserted and while you’re having dinner at your Asian restaurant, you can get down on one knee and propose. Another option would be to get Asian takeaways and obviously with that, you can arrange for the restaurant to ensure they have the correct fortune cookie delivered to your home.10 unique proposal ideas

9. Flash Mob

We’re finding more couples are spending a good amount of money getting professional choreographer to come in and ensure that your flash mob is timed to perfection, it’s done in the right environment and it’s done with perfect music and not only that, you get to show off your dance moves. The nice thing about a flash mob is that it can be done really anywhere. You can be walking in a shopping centre, you can be on the beach, there are so many interesting ways of performing a flash mob.10 unique proposal ideas

10. Up In The Sky:

Our final proposal ideas is anything up in the sky, so whether it means you’re going for a helicopter flip, a hot air balloon ride or paragliding over our beautiful city. It really is a great idea to get the adrenalin pumping and to propose while you’re in the sky. It’s a moment that you will forever cherish in your life and it’s a moment that really will stand out in time for you as a couple.10 unique proposal ideas

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