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Music is a key element of any wedding – from the wedding march to your first dance song. And without the beats getting your guests’ feet moving, it’ll be a pretty boring party. Choosing a great wedding DJ to play the right music will ensure your guests will be entertained from start to finish! Hiring a live band to play at an even really transforms the atmosphere.

The bands and DJs listed on our website will help you set the tone for your Wedding Day. Choose between Swing Bands, Instrumentalists, Singers and DJ’s get your guests in a party mood. Contact any of the amazing DJs or bands below to request a quote.

Wedding DJ & Live Bands in South Africa:

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Why Should You Hire a Live Band for Your Wedding?

Do you get tired of always having live bands and music at all your parties and celebrations? No! Because it is very rare that you will encounter a string quartet or a live jazz band at a run-of-the-mill event. Hiring live music is something reserved for those extra special days. And what is more special than your wedding day?

Take this one day to go all-out and get musicians to come and play live songs to serenade you and your guests. Whether you want the soft tones of violins and harps or the lively rhythm of a guitar and bass – live music at your wedding will add an extra touch to the atmosphere of your perfect day.

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