Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

Engagement rings have been a romantic tradition for hundreds of years. Not only is it a swoon-worthy piece of bling, but a declaration of commitment! Choosing an engagement ring is a very important decision. You need to consider your partner’s unique tastes, the size of the ring, your budget, the metal and the stone.

1. The Importance of Engagement Rings

More rings are bought to mark an engagement than any other occasion. It is a globally recognized symbol of love and devotion. Wearing an engagement ring is a very clear message that you are off the dating market. But it is more than just an accessory that shows you are going to get married. An engagement ring symbolizes a lifelong promise – that you are dedicating your life and love to another human, eternally. Many believe that the ring was used to symbolize this because it has no beginning and no end – it is eternal. Often the engagement ring is more elaborate and grandiose when compared to the wedding ring.

The most popular engagement ring is usually a diamond ring, which is also very symbolic. (Not just because it is a girl’s best friend.) The hardiness of a diamond represents endurance and longevity.   SourcesImages via WolfBros

The Anatomy of an Engagement Ring

Anatomy of an engagement ring

2. Different Types of Ring Metals

You have a wonderful selection of ring metals to choose from! What are my options, you ask?

  • Platinum: a Rare, white metal known for its strength and usually 95% pure! It is very durable and hypoallergenic.
  • Yellow Gold/White Gold: Yellow gold gets combined with different metal alloys for added strength and is usually 70-75% pure. It is widely available and therefore a little less expensive than platinum.
  • Rose Gold: Rose gold get its rosy tone when a copper alloy is added to gold. The pink hue also represents love and looks great against all skin tones.
  • Palladium: This silver-grey metal is often used as an alloy in white gold and is just as durable! The metal is lower density so it’s a lot less expensive.
  • Titanium: The cool, grey metal is unbreakable but almost as weightless as aluminium! This makes it a popular choice for men that are not used to wearing a ring. It also comes in a polished black.

Have a look at some Unique Engagement Ring Designs below!
3. Must it be a diamond ring?

While the ring as a promise is a thousand-year-old tradition, the diamond was only added in the middle 1900’s when the world got flooded with diamonds from South Africa. In 1947 a copywriter penned the slogan: “A diamond is forever”, which changed the engagement ring industry forever! So NO, it doesn’t have to be a diamond at all! The groom will know his bride well enough to know what she would like. There are a lot of options for engagement rings.

Choosing the type of ring is completely reliant on what your fiancee prefers! Some people like classic styles, while others prefer something unique. Different types of stones also carry different meanings, so if you are inclined to go for something different, you could choose a gem with a significant meaning.

If you are looking for something completely different there are plenty of jewellers who are able to custom make a ring for you! There are no limitations to what your ring could be. Trust us, the internet is full of unique engagement rings, so think outside the box! Have a look at these 10 alternative engagement ring stones to see some different options.

If you are still set on a diamond ring, but still prefer something unique and creative, you could opt for a Polki Diamond Ring a ring featuring a natural, uncut diamond.

Different Gemstones for Engagement Rings:
  • Moissanite: This is a crystal that naturally occurs in meteorites, is nearly as hard, dense and scuff-resistant as a diamond, and actually more sparkly! A less expensive option and basically impossible to see the difference!
  • Tanzanite: A brilliantly blue and violet mineral that is very rare but extremely popular!
  • Pearl: The pearl has made a comeback and has a vintage look.
  • Other precious stones like rubies and sapphires are also popular but won’t be a lot cheaper than a small diamond.

Image via KristinCoffin | fashiontrendcraze

Gemstone Shapes and Cuts:

Wedding rings

Image from Marbella Wedding Angels

4. On which hand does the engagement ring go?

Traditionally the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand also known as the ring finger. When you get married, the wedding band will go on the same finger. The wedding band will, however, go on first and the engagement ring second.

In some traditions, the groom will remove the engagement ring, place it on her right hand and put the wedding band on her left hand’s ring finger. The bride would then move both rings to her left hand after the wedding.

The engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger because, before the concept of blood circulation, people believed that a vein runs directly from the fourth finger to the heart. That vein was called Vena Amoris or The Vein of Love.Images via Pinterest 

5. How do I get to know my fiance’s ring size?

Dudes this is super important! You do not want to propose in the most romantic way with an expensive ring and then… awkward silence… the ring does not fit! The easiest way to find out what your Girlfriend’s ring size is is to “borrow” one of her rings that she usually wears or ask one of her friends for help. Let a jeweller measure it for you – a service normally offered for free.

You can also fit her ring on your pinky finger to guess the size. Mark the position on your finger that it gets “stuck” and then go to a jeweller to find out what ring size that position on your finger represents. Another great trick is to get her mom or best friend involved. Just make 100% sure that Mom or bestie can keep a secret! Then ask them to go do some unassuming “ring browsing” together.  In this way, Mom or bestie can suggest fitting on rings and from there on the discussion can lead to ring sizes YAY!

At the end of the day, if it doesn’t fit, you don’t have to worry too much – you can always have it resized!Wedding Rings

How to Figure Out What Ring She Wants Without Asking:

Oe.. this one is easy! Every girl has a Pinterest board with her dream wedding on (dream wedding dresses, flowers, rings etc.), all you need to do is spy on her Pinterest board and we’ll guarantee you will find beautiful Wedding Rings she loves.

Watch this video to see how wedding ring styles have changed over the last 100 years:

6. How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Spending about a months’ salary was usually the way men calculated the engagement ring budget. You can however not put a price on a promise. You must spend what you feel is right, and what you can afford! A beautifully designed ring will be loved no matter how big the stone! And you will be surprised that a custom made ring can often cost less than some of the rings available in store. Have fun with this affordability calculator (even though it is in dollars, you will get the idea!) If you need a pro to talk to, contact one of the ring designers in the Pink Book online directory.marriage proposal ideas

7. Perfect Proposal Ideas

Now that you have the ring, you must create the perfect environment to pop the question! Here are some tips to pull off the perfect proposal. If you are not the creative type and you need some ideas on how to propose, don’t worry, we have you covered. Have a look at our blog for some Creative Proposal Ideas.

  • Unless you know for sure that she is going to say yes, don’t ask her in front of a big group of people or in a restaurant full of strangers!
  • You must always make sure that the setting is intimate and that your partner is comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes keeping it simple and sweet is the best!
  • Tailor the moment around what she likes and enjoy! If she is scared of heights – better avoid mountains!
  • You will know what your partner would like to remember about this evening! Make it memorable!
  • Be careful of hiding the ring in food, proposing on sand or proposing on bridges over water – many rings have gone missing due to the newly engaged couple nervously fumbling!
Watch this video of a proposal gone horribly wrong! 
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