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In a recent bridal survey the Pink Book conducted, it came to light that brides, in general, worry a lot about the Bridesmaid Dresses. This was quite an interesting revelation. What was even more interesting is that this worry ranked higher than the brides’ stresses about her own dress.

So the question is why? The logical explanation is that there is normally more than one bridesmaid and that is it very rare that all of them have the same body shape and preferences. So, if you want to have your girls all wear the same dresses, you are going to run into problems somewhere. What is the solution?

The answer is that there is not an easy one! Luckily, the trend of late, to give bridesmaids a colour scheme and then get them to choose or design their own dresses seem to solve the problem partially. That is if you are OK with the fact that they will not look uniform. Well, at least this solution means there can be no finger-pointing when they’re unhappy with the dress! Here are some tips on how to choose your bridesmaid dresses.

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In the section of our Wedding Directory, you’ll find Bridesmaid Dresses and designers to suit every taste and to flatter every body type. We are confident that you’ll find, from this select list, a set of dresses that will make your favourite girlfriends look like a million dollars so that they will be the happy, smiley and dancing-the-night-away girls you wanted them to be!

One of the most popular choices for bridesmaid dresses is the convertible dress, also known as the infinity dress. This is a unique dress that can be adjusted and worn in 27 different styles. And these gowns are made in sizes for all body types. Check out this blog and video tutorial to see more.

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