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Want to have that X factor to kickstart the party? There is nothing better than a Photo Booth to get the crazy cats coming out of the closet and get the show on the road!

No, it does not replace your photographer!  It is an add-on; an entertainment element that will keep guests engaged during pre-drinks when you’re away doing your professional photoshoot. Or of-course, it is the party starter to help those limbs loosen for the dance floor.

Not only do your guests get a chance to act out of character, but also do they walk away with a little memento. Most Companies provide you with 2 photo strips of 3 photos that you can take home and slam on the fridge to remember the wild time you had at your friends’ party!

Hire Photo Booths in South Africa:

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There are several types of photo booths out there. Over the years they have evolved to be fully automatic. You literally go and sit down in front of a camera in a booth, sporting a funny hat, sunglasses or moustache and once you press the button, the camera automatically starts snapping.

Reasons to Hire a Photobooth for Your Wedding:

  • It is pretty cost-effective, so why not?
  • The photos capture memorable moments of all your guests and their unique personalities
  • It is a fun, quirky activity to keep your guests entertained while you have your couples shoot

photo booth

  • It is a great activity for all ages, young and old
  • It can tie in with and compliment your wedding theme and inspiration
  • It’s a modern, yet vintage addition to your wedding day
  • You can incorporate unique props and styles with photo booths
  • There are so many awesome DIY props you can make yourself to save some money
  • It makes for awesome group photos
  • Photobooth pictures make for great guestbooks!