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Wedding Suits & Menswear are one of the few privileges the groom has during the wedding planning, so give him the honour of looking dashing on his special day. Imagine your husband-to-be standing at the other side of the aisle looking handsome in his stunning suit! There’s nothing quite like a man in a well-fitted suit – and your wedding day should be no exception.

A smart suit complements the overall look of the bridal party. You want to make sure the guys play their part in your beautiful wedding day. You don’t need to stress about finding the perfect suit for your groom. Pink Book has a list of the top suit suppliers in South Africa. View galleries of custom or off the rack suits, to hire or buy.

Here you will also find the perfect suits for the groomsmen to wear on your beautiful wedding day. Whether you are looking for a suit to hire or a custom-tailored suit to buy, our vendors have options for you to choose from. Our tailors are countrywide, from Johannesburg to Cape Town and Durban.

Different Options for Men’s Wedding Attire:

Although you might immediately think of a classic suit and tie for the groom on the wedding day, that is not the only option. You have a surprisingly diverse choice of outfits for the husband-to-be and his band of merry men. Here is a short list to consider:

  • Black Tie – If you are looking to keep it a formal affair, the suave black and white suit with coattails is the only choice. But be careful not to end up looking like a penguin.
  • A Kilt – Only wear this if you are Scottish or have Scottish heritage. Don’t wear a kilt simply because you thought it looked cool. And if you choose to go this way, make sure that the tartan pattern and colour match your heritage.
  • Military Suit – If you have served in the military this is a classy and respectful option to choose. Women also LOVE a man in uniform. But again, this is only suitable if you were actually in the military – not because you like action movies.
  • White Suit – How about inverting the normal style and going for a white suit? Be careful of dirt! Every little speck of dust will show on this, so tread lightly. We would rather recommend black trousers and a white blazer, instead of a full white suit.

Willem Venter from ZED Menswear takes you through important points to consider when looking at purchasing a suit for the big day:

Wedding Suits and Menswear in South Africa

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