Go To Poses for your Wedding Day

7 Go To Poses for your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the BIGGEST and most special day of your life, filled with so much love, happiness, and laughter. You will be marrying your best friend, the love of your life, and your soulmate. So obviously you want this day to be perfect for the both of you and expect nothing less. See these interesting go to poses for your wedding day as instructed by a wedding photographer, Sune Nel.

One of the main things a lot of people stress about the most when it comes to a photoshoot is the “what are we supposed to do” and “how should we stand or pose”. Well not to worry your photographer is here to save the day, all you have to do is have an amazing/ fun time with the love of your life.

So here are Sune Nel Photography`s 7 Poses for your Wedding Day and just a little pro tip ( this is for the fellow tequila and jag lovers out there), have a tequila shot before the time just to calm the nerves and make things more interesting.

Sune Nel Photography also wants to give a special thank you to Elbeth Gillis Couture for the beautiful wedding dress.

1. The Eyebrow Sniffer

Ahhh the classic eyebrow sniffer, to the handsome groom you will be sniffing your beautiful bride’s eyebrow. And just to make the weirdness more fun, groom you are more than welcome to tell me what it smells like. It sounds easy enough but just try to do it with a straight face.

2. Lead The Way

This is one is for all the adventurer’s couples out there. Bride, you take your Husbands hand and lead them away or run away and go show them something amazing, or take them away for a quick private kiss. And if you have the urge to shout “ Let’s go on an adventure honey” by all means go for it.

3. Whisper in her ear

Groom go behind your partner and whisper your favourite pizza toppings into your bride’s ear. You can read that sentence again if you want but yes you did read that right. This usually brings a good laugh out of the bride which means we get that “in the moment” photos we all love.

4. Vampire Kiss

This one is for all my fellow Vampire Diaries and Twilight #TeamEdward lovers out there. Your partner will be attacking you with kisses on the neck and if you are ticklish like me this will all just end with a laughing attack.

5. Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack does not mean tackling your partner to the ground! Come up behind him or her and wrap your arms around them, lift them up, and spin them around in circles. Just a few turns until both of you are dizzy.

6. Slow Dance

This could be a very intimate pose, just pretend it’s your first slow dance as a married couple. Both of you slow dancing with your eyes closed, just enjoying the moment together while soft music plays in the background. Imagine it is just the two of you. Groom remember to give your bride a dip while dancing and some kisses as well.

7. Eskimo Kisses

Funny enough usually when I ask my couples if they know what an eskimo kiss is, it’s usually the guys that know what it is. If you don’t know what it is don’t stress! An eskimo kiss is when you and your partner rub your noses together and I promise you it is literally one of the cutest things to see.

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