An Intimate Wedding in Nature

An intimate wedding is a cozy celebration filled with love and close connections. With a small guest list, every moment becomes meaningful, creating a truly special and personal experience for the couple.

Intimate Wedding in Nature at Pabala Private Nature Reserve

“From their high school days filled with admiration to the fateful coffee date, turned dinner. Led to a lifetime of love. Every moment seemed to unfold like a beautiful love story. Surrounded by their closest friends and family for a weekend filled with festivity. The romance of Nathan and Abigail’s love story filled the air, creating an atmosphere of celebration that was truly infectious. From the heartfelt vows to the lively reception at the very welcoming Pabala Private Game Reserve.” – Amy Hayton, Luminary Photography

Eastern Cape Wedding Photographer

With an artist’s eye and a romantic soul, Amy has dedicated her craft to capturing love in its purest form through her lens all over South Africa. Her photographs are not mere images but windows into the souls of her subjects, reflecting their joy, their passion, and their unspoken promises to each other. Every stolen glance, every tender touch, and every shared smile is a moment to be cherished for eternity. She has an uncanny ability to freeze time in its most beautiful form. Allowing her clients to relive their special day again and again through her enchanting photographs.

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The Big Day!!

“As we arrived at Pabala Private Nature Reserve, we were immediately struck by the breathtaking beauty of the Eastern Cape landscape. The setting was nothing short of magical! With an abundance of free-roaming wildlife and the majestic Cockscomb mountains in the distance. It was clear that Nathan and Abigail’s love for nature had found the perfect match in their wedding dream come true. The weather was on our side…. Blessing us with a beautiful sunny day and a gentle breeze that seemed to dance with us throughout the festivities.” – Amy Hayton, Luminary Photography

Outside Wedding Ceremony

“The open-air ceremony was a breathtaking fusion of tradition and natural beauty. As the nuptials commenced, a herd of springboks appeared, adding a touch of magic to the already enchanting atmosphere. Nathan honored his Jewish heritage by breaking the glass, followed by jubilant shouts of “Mazel tov” from the guests. It was a celebration of love, tradition, and the harmony of nature.” – Amy Hayton, Luminary Photography

The Wedding Portraits

“Ascending to the viewpoint in a game drive vehicle, Nathan and Abigail celebrated with bubbly in the enchanting glow of the golden hour. On our way to join the festivities, we encountered wildebeest and giraffes. Adding a touch of untamed wonder to their perfect session. This portrait session was a harmonious blend of elegance and untamed nature. Resulting in a collection of truly captivating images.” – Amy Hayton, Luminary Photography

Inspired Wedding Decor

“Nathan wanted to be out in Nature and Abigail wished for a boho flair with the elegance of a white wedding. Deurieblare made the magic happen and creatively harmonized all that they wanted. A ceiling covered with greenery, green walls, and floating orchids, the tables were adorned with the most divine aromatic roses and yuka flowers dancing between an array of floating candles. Guest favors and stationery were handmade by the bride’s mom.” – Amy Hayton, Luminary Photography

The Wedding Reception Party

“As the day turned into night, the celebration continued. We all danced under the mirror ball fairytale, feeling as though time itself had stood still just for this special occasion. Capturing their love story through my lens was an honor and a privilege. And seeing that love come to life through my photography was a truly unforgettable experience. Nathan and Abigail’s wedding was a testament to the power of love and the beauty of two souls coming together as one. As the birds welcomed the new day with their song, it was clear that this was just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness for this incredible couple.” – Amy Hayton, Luminary Photography

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