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Cape Town, Western Cape
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Cape Town Marriage Officers

Cape Town Marriage Officers Tie The Knot Cape Town believe all Love is created equal, beyond gender, gender-orientation, race, religion. The passion that drives married couple, Symi and Ava from Tie The Knot Cape Town, is people in love who stands outside the traditional wedding milieu.

Married couples who want something different for their special day, who think outside the traditional wedding box and who most of the time, do not fit the profile that would be termed ‘traditional’. Couples who think differently about love and relationships, who want more than just the traditional ceremony, couples who are not necessarily straight or religious or share the same religion.

Getting married is so much more than just exchanging rings and signing a piece of paper.
That is why they do things differently.

They create each couples wedding ceremony, incorporating their unique style, different spiritual and religious philosophies, ideas and traditions into their beautiful wedding ceremony.

Each wedding ceremony is crafted, from the layout, customised, written and designed as a personal testimony to that couple, their journey and their love – from the welcome to the blessing at the end.

Officiating Services include

  • Non-Religious unions, marriages and ceremonies
  • Neo-Pagan Handfasting and ceremonies
  • GLBTQIA+ unions and marriages
  • Multi-Religious ceremonies
  • Commitment Renewal ceremonies
  • Milestone Anniversary Ceremonies

Tie the Knot Cape Town never duplicate parts of a ceremony between couples, and they never re-use wording.

They’d like to help create Your Day, Your Way. Let Tying the knot be all about you two, and let them create the perfect ceremony, worthy of a love story like yours.

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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
+27 (0)83 459 6859
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