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Cape Town Marriage Officers

Tie the Knot Cape Town Marriage Officers, Overberg & Beyond marries couples in love, couples just like you! Beyond religion, gender, orientation, race or tradition.

Your wedding day is all about your day, your way. They’re honoured to become part of your Forever Love Story and to help you bring all the words, and intentions for your future together, into your wedding rite.

This is quite important really – because that, in essence, is what your wedding day is. It’s not about the details – the food, the flowers, the photos, even the venue or the clothes – it’s about that moment where you irrevocably bind your lives together, to be more, live more, experience more, and achieve more than you ever would have done on your own.

Directly translated, from Chinese, the question “will you marry me”, is literally “Will you give me a home”. Being married is about living in a home: a place filled with love and care, a haven of safety, rest and acceptance. A place where you are trusted & respected, your very own space where you will always be welcome & wanted.
Your wedding day is where you call that home into being.

That sounds very involved – how does that even work?

Ava and Symi get to know you as individuals, and as a couple through Skype chats, in-person meetings, and through fun homework, you do in the weeks running up to your wedding day. They use this to create an individually crafted, bespoke experience, shaped for you as a couple, based on who you are, on the love you share, and the character of your relationship… based on the home you’re creating together.

NP van Wyk Louw, an Afrikaans poet wrote a poem called “Grense” (Boundaries). In the poem, he explains that he’s trying to tell his beloved the stuff that other people are too afraid to say. He starts by describing how he approaches the moment: My unguarded soul, wishes to stand before you simply, unreservedly …

Their words honour that moment between you when you publicly declare your commitment, and love, and trust for & in each other – when you too are unguarded, in your simplest – purest state; that moment when you’re all in; without looking back. That ceremony when you’re saying the stuff to each other that other people are too afraid to say. That magical moment where you create your new home.
It’s a sacred moment, beyond religion or tradition.
It’s a human moment, beyond race, gender, orientation, or culture, nationality or citizenship.
It’s an everlasting moment, beyond just today.
It’s a perfect moment, beyond even your whispered expectations.
It’s the moment you come home to stay.

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