Expert Advice on Wedding Songs and Music Trends

A wedding is a celebration of true love uniting – we all know that celebrations need music to get the party started. There is nothing better than beautiful live music to create that spectacular ambience during your wedding. In this blog post, Werner Denner from Man With Music gave us some expert advice on the best wedding songs and music trends.

1. Please tell us more about Man with Music

The big idea behind the brand is that you book one professional DJ/Musician. This dude will pitch up, play funky tunes with various instruments, will have all the mic’s for speeches, will make you dance until your feet hurt and facilitate the party of a lifetime.  In short, the Man with Music is your band your DJ and your AV company in one.
 best wedding songs

2. What instruments do you play?

Saxophones – that kinda curly golden thing that all the jazz people play.
Piano – the one instrument you don’t want to drop on your pinky toe.
Panpipes – a bunch of reeds held together by a special glue.
Guitar –  good for cool looking headbanging moves.
Penny whistle – Remember the story of the pied piper of Hamlin?
Harmonica – Each hole make’s four different sounds… Confusing at best.
Melodica – Can be used as a weapon of mass destruction when played by a four-year-old.
Flute – Good for church music and Irish tap dancing songs. I’ve also played heavy rock on it. It was weird.
Bass guitar – A good instrument for humble people that don’t want to be in the spotlight…ever.
best wedding songs

 3. What’s your music background?

Shower singing, steering wheel tapping, radio dancing, a music degree in composition and arrangement and a ridiculous obsession with cool tunes and pretty sounds – since birth. I went through a stage in my twenties where I took any gigs on offer – weddings, funerals, tennis parties, bar mitzvahs, festivals of all sorts, restaurants and the list goes on. 

 4. What does your typical wedding day look like?

Well, there is getting up and brushing teeth… not that much detail? Ok. Setting up the gear in morning – This takes about three to four hours to install all the speakers and getting the wires neat and taped. Then usually I would lay hands on the piano and press some keys down in a soothing sequence to form melodies. Bridal March – I like to play the sax for this – it’s damn beautiful. Can’t beat it. Cocktail Hour – Guitar jams and loops. This goes together with my “little weird I can’t help myself dance moves”. It’s a defect. It’s also incurable. Reception – There’s gonna be flowers, foodies, speeches and a guy in a suit swaying in between tables playing cool music on sax and flutes. You’re gonna love it. It’s really fun. Towards the end of the performance I’ll start to play songs that will inspire dancing and when the feet and bums start to itch, I’ll jump over to the DJ decks. Then it’s party time. Now we bring the big guns. We are done with classy and pretty. We are now on sexy and grinding. Pump up the jam vibes. Whoop!
 best wedding songs

5. What advice would you give brides when it comes to their Wedding Music?

There is so much! Call me. I’ll tell you everything, but most importantly you are there to celebrate a union with your best friend. You are inviting all the most important people that mean the world to you. Please celebrate this mammoth day in the form of one epic, unstoppable party. This is your moment. Bring it! Get a great DJ or band in and dance!

6. How does your wedding pricing/packages work?

You pay – I play! In season there is one price or quote so to speak. That is for an entire wedding from beginning to end. Mostly because I  don’t want to miss out on any action. A wedding day is like a journey you take with a group of guests. As an entertainer, I offer a “wedding package” that includes various funky live acts, all sound equipment you could possibly require and a full DJ service. We can always add other coolness to that… maybe a violin or a singer? There are obviously additional charges if you want to bring in extra musicians or entertainers. I charge a flat rate for everything for the day… come what may. So there are no hidden costs or extra’s.
 best wedding songs

7. What is currently trending with Wedding Music and Wedding Songs?

At the moment I get a lot of requests to play folky sounding music during cocktail hour. Also, more than ever before couples are moving away from traditional ceremony music. Music from “the piano guys” or “two cellos” are popular choices. Basically, well-known Wedding Songs played in a beautiful instrumental way instead of classical music.

8. Whats your favourite part about a wedding?

Let me not lie – I was put on this earth to party. I love loud thumping tunes and bodies moving to the Wedding Songs.

best wedding songs

9. Any final comments?

Yes! To the bride and groom. You are the rock stars at your wedding. Musicians, DJ’s Chefs and pretty much everyone else you pay to do something are there to feed your rock star awesomeness – that is their only role.
best wedding songs
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So there you have it lovely Bridey, here are the latest Wedding Songs and Wedding Music Tips and Trends. You are welcome to visit our Wedding Directory to book your Wedding Music Band or DJ. We also did a blog post of The Top 10 Wedding Songs to give you some more inspiration and Ideas and to make your wedding planning as easy as possible.
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