Wedding Seating Arrangements You Can't Live Without!

Wedding Seating Arrangements You Can’t Live Without!

In the perfect wedding world, everyone would know where to sit without you having to figure out the daunting task of who sits next to whom. To take the focus away from the fact that you have to separate your aunt Annie from your aunt Bettie because of an age-old argument, you can make sure that your seating displays and decorations for your wedding seating arrangements are out of this world.




If the vintage theme is a part of your wedding decorations, you can go for the old school scroll display board for your seating arrangement. Choose a font that will suit the theme but also one that is easy to read. The last thing you would want is a group of guests crowding at the seating chart in confusion.

vintage bag seating chart

Family Tree

Another idea is to use a make-shift ‘family tree’ display to symbolise the two families coming together. The table seating arrangements can then hang from the tree on separate name cards. If the wedding reception is outside and you bring your own tree, you can also engrave the names in the bark and illuminate the names with fairy lights or chandeliers.

family tree seating chart

Washing Line

Depending on the overall feel of your wedding, a pretty decorated ‘washing line’ can look very unique as a seating chart. The different table numbers and the seating details can then hang from these lines, with washing pegs from one tree or pole to another.

washing line seating chart

Daily News

If you want your guests to have all their information in one place, you can do this in the form of a personalised newspaper. The print out should be in the same design and layout as a newspaper and can include everything from the order of events to the seating arrangements.

newspaper seating chart

Let’s play

You can also use a pack of cards with the hearts displaying the ladies and spades men, or even just Kings and Queens for the couples and Jacks for the single guests. There are so many creative ideas for wedding seating arrangements.  Include your favourite games and let the games begin!

For more ideas or to check out the original photos displayed in this post and their credits, have a look at our Creative Ideas for Seating Arrangements.

playing card seating chart


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