Wedding Photo Tips – Family & Group Shots

These Wedding Photo Tips will help you take the best Family and Group photos with little to no time wasted. Your guests will thank you for letting them off the hook quickly, plus you’ll have more time for your Couple Shots. Check out these Wedding Photo Ideas:

1. Plan the Family and Group shots before the day arrives, and make a list for the photographer. It can take as little as 20 minutes if you planned it. If not, the photographer will be stuck while you’re scrambling to get everyone together.

2. Your list should be about 10 photos, no more. Think about the photos you would want to print, and only list those. Wouldn’t you want more time to shoot your couple photos?

3. Ask your photographer (before the wedding day) to think of some creative poses for these shots. There’s no need to stand in a line. Grab a couch and have it placed on a lawn to create a little interest.

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

4. No-one should be wearing sunglasses. If your photographer does not ask your guests to remove them, you should do it yourself. You can also ask the photographer if there is any reflection on anyone’s glasses, and have them remove those as well.

5. Ask all the ladies to leave their purses or clutch bags out of the shot. It can really make a photo untidy.

6. The background is equally important. Take a moment and make sure you’re happy with the backdrop of these shots. There are potentially images that will be displayed in relatives’ homes for a long time – you don’t want a nasty drainpipe in the background, do you?

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas



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