Wedding Duties: The Bridal Party’s Responsibilities

Have you been following our Wedding Duties Series? We have been aiming to bring you a helpful guide to ensure your planning goes smoothly. In case you missed it, you can catch up on the entire series: Responsibilities of the Bride, Responsibilities of the GroomResponsibilities of the CoupleResponsibilities of the Maid of Honour and Responsibilities of the Best Man. Today, we are covering what is expected of the bridal party – the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen.

bridal party


Mainly the Groomsmen will help the best man plan and host the bachelor party. This may require getting outfits, snacks and food, booking the venue for the party and contributing financially.

The Groomsmen are expected to arrive early with the Groom on the wedding day. Usually, the Groom will reserve accommodation for the Groomsmen for the night before the wedding, and everyone gets ready together on the morning of the wedding. They are expected to be involved in the wedding, dancing with Bridesmaids and ushering guests to their seats when required. They are also expected to stay for the duration of the reception.

The Groomsmen will normally pay for half of their wedding attire, and they are responsible for the tailoring and collection of their own suits. Generally the Groom will have an idea of what the Groomsmen should wear, and the Groomsmen can give their opinion, but should not insist on a particular style. It is about what the couple envisions for their big day, and the Groomsmen should go along with that. 

Before the ceremony, the Groomsmen may be asked to usher guests to their seats, and serve as information central – directing guests to restroom facilities and the reception site.


The main role of the Bridesmaids is to assist the Maid of Honour with her wedding planning duties and help the Bride as needed.

Bridesmaids may be required to help with tasks like addressing invitations, making wedding favours and stationery and will help plan the shower and bachelorette party (and contribute to the cost).

The Bridesmaids can be asked to pay for half of their wedding attire. The same goes here as for the Groomsmen – if the Bride is open to suggestions, the Bridesmaids may offer ideas of what they would like to wear, but ultimately it is the Bride’s decision and should not be pressed. Be gracious and tactful.

Bridesmaids will walk in the processional to announce the Bride’s arrival. During the reception, they mostly mingle and dance with the groomsmen and other important guests. The Bridesmaids should also make sure they help the Bride and Maid of Honour when needed.

Serve as hostesses at the reception by introducing guests, making sure they know where the bar is located, and inviting them to sign the guest book.

Hit the dance floor when the music kicks in and dance with groomsmen during the formal first-dance sequence. Also, be on the lookout for toe-tapping guests who might need encouragement and/or a dance partner.

Most of all – Have fun! The Couple chose their Bridal Party carefully – they value and cherish each of you. The last thing they want is their Bridal Party to be bored or have an awful time!

Check out our Duties of the Wedding Party board on Pinterest to find out what You need to do.

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