Wedding Dresses | The A-Z Guide to help you choose

It is no surprise that Wedding Dresses is the most searched phrase in Google when it comes to wedding planning. It’s probably because most girls start dreaming of their perfect wedding dress from a very little age. It’s also the first thing you start looking for once that engagement ring is on your finger.

But as much as you’ve been dreaming of that perfect gown, as much it is a daunting task to start with. So many questions: What style? What fabric? Low neck? High back? Sleeveless or strapless? The decisions to make are endless!

The good news is that by reading this article, you’ll get a lot closer to what you want your dress to look like. It is a step-by-step guide to help you decide on your perfect wedding dress.

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wedding dresses

wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses – Important Considerations:

1. Rent or Buy? – If you’re sentimental, there will be no doubt about the fact that you should buy.  But the hard facts are that you would really only wear the dress for one day and then that expensive dress will live out its days in a dark cupboard. The question is, is it worthwhile to spend all that money when you will only use it once? Rentals might have a stigma, but going this route might mean you save a pretty penny that can be spent on other elements.

2. What should I budget for my Dress? – How long is a piece of string you might say… The possibilities are endless, but your budget is most probably not. First, determine what your total wedding budget is, and then look at the big, hard costs like your venue, catering, and photography. Only once you’ve got the figures for these bigger costs, then you’ll have an idea of what is left to spend on your dress.

3. Catalog Dress or Custom Made? – Everyone wants to look and feel unique,  But Unique comes with a big price tag.  Custom Made Wedding Dresses can set you back from R50 000 to millions! You’ll be paying a designer to conceptualise and when to hand-make your creation. Time is money! The alternative is to buy a dress from a catalog and then have it altered to perfectly fit your body.  This will set you back far less, but you’ll have to sacrifice the uniqueness of your gown.

wedding dressesDresses from Demetrios

wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses – What Style, Colour & Fabric?

OK, so you’ve decided on whether to Rent or Buy and what you are going to spend on your dress. The next step is to decide on the style. Here are the important things you should consider.?

  • Short or Long? Sleeves or Sleeveless? Open Back or Halter Neck? Strapless or Spaghetti Straps? – There are so many styles to choose from, but there is one factor that you need to keep in mind from the start and that is the season.  If it is summer, then dress appropriately. A Strapless, sleeveless light, airy fabric, and breathable dress will be a wise choice. Remember, comfort is as important as your looks!  If you’re getting married in winter, then make sure you’re not too cold and add a shawl or fur. For Spring and Autumn, wear something in between.
  • What style of Skirt? – Trumpet or Flare, Ball Gown or Straight, A-Line or Mermaid. Every woman knows her own body. Choose something that will not only flatter your body shape but also be easy to wear and move around on the day. Have a look at the images below to help you decide.
  • Next up is the waistline. – Will you go so a boxy dress with no waistline; a normal waist of a higher than the normal waistline. A great tip for this decision is to have a look at photos of yourself in different style dresses. What do you think flatters you most? Then that is the style that you should be going for.
  • Location – This should actually be the first question. Getting married on a beach? Make sure you wear something like, especially the skirt. You’d be silly to wear a ball gown the collects sand and takes forever to dry, should you accidentally get wet.
  • Colour? – Believe it or not, but brides only started wearing white gowns in 1840 when Queen Victoria popularized them at her wedding.  Since then it has been widely accepted as the only colour for virgin brides (symbolizing purity). Contrary, brides that stepped over the line before marriage would typically wear something off-white. But times have changed.  No longer do brides listen to these guidelines applied by society. Today the determining factor of the colour of your dress is skin tone and complexion.

wedding dresseswedding dressesDresses from Demetrioswedding dresses

Wedding Dresses – What Accessories?
  • Train or no Train? – Apart from the cost of the extra fabric and lining, the most important thing to consider is the location. A train will collect and sweep along all and any loose objects. Netting also picks up leaves and insects.  So unless you are getting married in a squeaky clean environment, you might arrive at the reception with half of the forest and insect species caught up in your train. But that said, there is nothing more elegant than a radiant bride walking down the aisle with a stunning cathedral train!
  • Birdcage or Traditional Veil? – This very must depend on the style of dress. You should also think of the practicalities though.  The bigger the veil, the heavier it is and the more pins you’ll need to keep it up. Some veils are so heavy that they cause neck pain and headaches. If you’re getting married in a windy time of year or at the beach, then rather opt for a shorter veil. You’ll thank me afterward!
  • What Jewelry should I wear? – Again, the style of dress and the amount of embroidery and “business” of the fabric will determine whether which jewelry you should accessorize with. Personal preferences differ but remember not to over-do it.  A simple necklace with a striking pendant will complement a dress with lots of detail. If you’ve however opted for a very plain dress, then you can go wild to jazz it up.

wedding dresses

wedding dresses

Dresses from Demetrioswedding dresses

wedding dresses wedding dresses

We loooove these gorgeous wedding dresses from Gali Karten from Wedding Inspirasi.

Looking for a local Designer – We’ve listed them for you:
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