Top 10 Wedding Games to Entertain Your Guests

These days it has become quite a craze for the bridal couple to ensure that activities are available for young and old during their wedding celebrations. There are many different ways to keep your guests entertained, but classic Wedding Games are the perfect icebreaker. Before you know it your wedding party will feel like one big reunion. We have put together a list of great lawn games to kick off the party for you and your guests as well as games to play during the wedding reception.

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Wedding Games

1. Giant Jenga

This is a crowd favorite! If you have a big lawn area available with a stable platform you can give giant Jenga a go. Jenga can be played by as many people as you like and it is a very creative wedding games feature. It is a simple, yet very entertaining game that everyone can play together. And make it a little more thrilling by adding punishment for the player who finally tips the tower.

2. Cornhole a.k.a Beanbag Toss

Bring out the child in your guests by having them play cornholes (also known as bean bag toss). These cornholes can be decorated to suit your wedding theme and the winners can receive a special gift. This is one of the classic lawn games, so most people will know how to play it – simple and fun!

3. Ring Toss

This is a great DIY lawn game option and another cocktail hour favorite. The classic ring toss or throwing of the horseshoes. This game doesn’t need a whole lot of props, just a few rings, a target pole, and a sign explaining the game. A great cost-effective project that is still super fun.

4. Giant Chess

Not only will a giant chessboard look great for your wedding photography, but it will allow the intellectuals to have a go at each other. If you have enough lawn space outside for your wedding games, include one or two giant chess sets on the lawn. Often these giant board games are available as either a chess or checkers board.

5. Croquet

Croquet is the type of sport you probably only play at weddings or other fancy events. This lawn game involves hitting balls with a mallet through target hoops in the grass. This elegant English game is a great way to keep things classy. But make sure you know which rules to play by because there are 6 different variations of croquet.

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6. Boules

Despite its common association with the elderly crowds, Boules is an extremely fun game. This French garden game involves a round-by-round tournament of bowling the silver balls, or boules, to get as close to a target as possible. With the ability to hit your opponent’s ball away from the target, this game can become quite competitive. Lots of fun for those who like a game of one-up-manship.

7. Badminton

If you are having a summertime wedding badminton will be perfect for your wedding games. Opt for the ‘old school’ look of things and give the ‘net’ a vintage feel. Badminton is sure to attract some players and it might be the perfect icebreaker for sports lovers.

8. The Shoe Game – For the Newlyweds

This is a great, entertaining game that the newlywed bride and groom can play at the reception. It is an easy-to-play and very entertaining game that shows how well the couple knows each other. Depending on how they answer, lots of laughs can be shared. HOW IT WORKS: The bride and groom sit in chairs, facing away from each other so that they can’t see what the other answers. Both have 2 shoes in their hands – 1 of the groom and 1 of the bride. A series of questions are asked about the couple and the bride and groom must raise a shoe to indicate who they think the correct answer is, e.g. “Who spends the most money?” Husband or Wife

Watch this video of the Shoe Game being played at a wedding:

9. caricatures

One of the most creative emerging trends in wedding reception entertainment is providing a talented professional caricature artist to draw your guests. Caricatures at a wedding are the perfect blend of creative, fun, and social. Plus your guests leave with a fun keepsake from their time with you at your celebration.

10. Photo Booth & Props

Perhaps not a game, per se, but still a guest favorite at weddings. A photo booth with costumes and props provides your guests with loads of fun and entertainment as well as memorable photos to keep for years to come. Who doesn’t want to see grandma dressed up in a bright, colorful afro and oversized glasses? If you use an instant camera, encourage your guests to also leave a note on the photos! Find some cool photo booth companies near you.

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