Wedding Invitations: Digital or Traditional?

The Pro’s of Digital Wedding Invitations

In this digital age that we find ourselves in, is it really necessary to send out printed wedding invitations? We see more and more companies adopting a green, eco-friendly approach towards paper usage. In addition, cutting out traditional wedding invitations is an easy way to cut your wedding budget. However, isn’t there a certain sentiment to receiving a wedding invite? A keepsake for you and your guests to have and remember? We’ll take a look at the pro’s and con’s of both digital and traditional wedding invites so that you can make an informed decision when you choose which you’re going to use.

It’s Budget-Friendly

Creating online wedding invitations is a great way of saving money. The cost of printed wedding invitations can be very high, especially if you have a large guest list. In comparison, with digital invites, you pay for the design only once and you can send it to as many guests as you want. When it comes to your wedding budget, you have to prioritize and figure out areas where you can cut costs. Depending on whether you want a whole wedding website, this option is often more cost-effective.

digital wedding invitations

Digital Invite Design by Secret Diary

Easy to Design

In addition to being inexpensive (or even free), creating wedding invites online are effortless. In fact, there are many websites where gorgeous templates are available. Creating your own wedding invitations could be a fun task for you and your fiance to do together, plus it’ll be something to be proud of when you are done.

diy digital invitations

Easy to Send

By creating an online wedding invitation, you’re also saving money on postage. In addition, you can feel confident that everyone with access to the internet will have access to your invitation. That means no stressing about anything getting lost in the post. No need to worry about the post being sent to your relatives overseas. Simply email them your wedding invite. Score!


Create a Wedding Website

Digital invitations can be taken a step further with a Wedding Website! More and more couples are creating wedding websites. Like this Demo site – on the website, guests can find all the wedding-related information. Depending on the type of website and the functionality available, these sites can be a hub for your planning.

Possible Wedding Website Features:

  • Sending wedding invitations
  • being able to RSVP online
  • managing your guest list
  • looking for possible accommodation options
  • receiving the wedding photos
  • having access to the gift registry.

You will need to get a quote on the site development and the features you need. If you don’t know much about websites, don’t worry. Companies like Peony and Pence do everything for you – design, hosting and functionality.

If you want to add a personal touch, you can even include your love story on your website – how you met and fell in love. We love this idea because it’s eco-friendly, easy, accessible and still sophisticated!

wedding website peony pence

Website by Peony and Pence

The Con’s of Digital Wedding Invitations
Not all Guests are Tech-Savvy

Personally, I know my own parents will be very confused by the abovementioned concept of a wedding website. There will be plenty of aunts and grandparents who will not know how to RSVP to an online wedding invitation, let alone figuring out how to access it. Our suggestion? Send out online invitations to the younger guests and traditional printed invitations to the older guests.

Designing it yourself might look cheap

Using a free online programme to create wedding invitations may look cheap to some people. After all, your wedding invitation is the first impression which guests get of your special wedding day. Using the free invite templates also limits you when it comes to customization, and not all of us are artistically inclined. Finding a design that perfectly matches your wedding theme might be difficult. In that case, we recommend using a professional graphic designer. There are lots of designers who specialize in digital invites – contact one of them to get your design just right.

electronic wedding invitations diy

It’s Not Very Memorable

There is a certain sentiment in being able to touch a wedding invitation with your very own hands, being able to frame it and keeping it to remember and to look back on. An online wedding invitation isn’t very memorable, and will probably be forgotten or deleted soon after the wedding. If you receive the invite in an email, chances are it will end up being deleted as soon as you have RSVP’d.


The Pro’s of Traditional Wedding Invitations
It Looks Beautiful

Traditional wedding invitations look absolutely breathtaking and can be a real wow factor to your wedding. As everybody knows, first impressions count, right? So do it right by having a professional create gorgeous invites for your wedding day. Today, there are so many techniques that can be used in order to create unique, stunning wedding invitations such as foiling and laser cutting, just to name a few. You can even opt for a unique material to use for the invite itself.

wedding invitations teelee stationery

Invitation by Teelee Stationery

Can be Treasured for Years

As we’ve already mentioned, a wedding invitation is a very special item to keep as a remembrance for your wedding day. Not only for you, but most of your guests will probably be delighted to receive a printed wedding invitation to treasure for years to come. There is something so special about receiving a tactile invitation that you can keep. And imagine, years from now, still being able to look back fondly at your invite and remember your special day.

Can be Customized to Fit Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding invitations can be customized to fit into your theme and can match the rest of your wedding stationery, such as the menu, the table number, and the programmes. This is a sweet way of tying the whole look together and giving the guests a sneak peek of what’s to come. Having your invites match the rest of your decor looks fantastic. If you are having a rustic wedding, how about invites on hessian or a parchment paper? You can be creative when it comes to these invites.

   forest wedding theme stationery

Wedding Stationery by Secret Diary

It’s a More Formal Option

If you are planning on having a more formal wedding, traditional wedding invitations may be the better option for you. Whenever you get stuck on the tiny details, just think about the overall look and feel you want to achieve for your wedding and make sure it all ties together. A card invitation sent in an envelope with a wax seal will definitely set the tone for your wedding and let your guests know what to expect.

beautiful floral wedding theme stationery   wedding stationery designs

Stationery by Secret Diary


The Con’s of Traditional Wedding Invitations
It Can Be Expensive

If you have many guests attending your wedding, your invitations may cost you a pretty penny. Some items on your budget may not seem that expensive, but once you multiply the number by 200, it adds up. Take into consideration that the price includes the design, paper, cutting and printing and other embellishments of every invite – it makes sense.

Postage Cost of Mailing Invites

Not only do you have to cover the costs of creating the invites, but you’ll also have to cover the cost of posting the wedding invitations. This is an expense that brides often forget about. And it may add up, especially if you have got friends and relatives who live overseas. International postage cost more.

Wedding Invitations by Susan Brand

Difficult for Guests Who Live Far Away

It is more than likely that you have some wedding guests that live outside of South Africa. Mailing something internationally is always risky. It is difficult to track or predict when the post will arrive at its destination. And your invitations might even get lost in the post! This may create unnecessary stress for you and your fiancé.

Invites by MMES Designs

Which Option Suits You?

The most important thing to remember is that every bride is different, so there really is no “correct” way to do things when it comes to your wedding. You really have to do what is right for you. Chose a solution to suit your own needs. Here at Pink Book Weddings, we ran a Facebook Poll and 65% of brides chose digital while 35% chose traditional wedding invites. Which one do you prefer?

However, you’re not limited to one option, there is always the third option of combining these two methods. Perhaps you can send traditional invites for a few close family members and best friends, while the digital invites can be sent to other guests and those based far away. Whichever you prefer, find your wedding stationery supplier on Pink Book!

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