Romantic Date Night In: DateFactory Review

Whether you’re dating, engaged or already married, our lives are hectic. We know that planning your wedding can get stressful and you sometimes lose touch with your other half. It’s definitely normal – there’s so much to do, decisions to make, quotes to compare, bookings to secure – the list goes on. So, how do you make sure you don’t lose sight of what’s most important? You have to make time for each other during this busy and stressful time. Schedule regular date nights to make sure you stay connected with each other. A fantastic way to plan a spectacular date with your partner without having the added pressure of planning the perfect evening is by using DateFactory.




This date-in-a-box service is the most exciting revelation in romance. You can decide on what sort of date you would like to have, choose a themed date box from their online shop – and voila – a complete date is delivered right to your door! You can even subscribe to receive a monthly DateFactory box! Each box contains something to sip, something to nibble, and something to do. It truly is a complete date – drinks, snacks, and an activity! The great thing about the boxes is that what’s inside is a complete surprise.


DateFactory is the new kid on the love block, and we had the pleasure of reviewing one of their newest boxes. DateFactory graciously sent us the Take a Minute To Win It box to review, and boy was it fun! We sent the box home with Marlé, who is a newlywed, to review with her husband. Here’s what she had to say:

“This was such an exciting review to do, as I have read a lot about DateFactory before, but never got around to trying one. As with any young, professional working girl, I’m often too busy, stressed and tired to romance the socks off my husband. It happens. But this gave us the ability to have a date in the comfort of our own home.

We popped open a bottle of wine and started the game. This box consists of 7 challenges for you and your partner to do – each one taking a turn. The challenges range from very PG to R-Rated, making the game increasingly intimate. The basis of this is that it is a competition, and the winner will get the reward at the end of the game. My husband and I are quite competitive by nature, and a force to be reckoned with on Game Nights, however playing against each other in such an intimate setting was exciting. Each game had an element of fun, challenging you to try to better your partner’s score plus the added benefit of having goodies to eat in between.

This really was a fun experience and provided us with some much-needed relaxation, laughter, intimacy, and most of all, romance. I would highly recommend DateFactory!”

Have a look at our Date Night Ideas board on Pinterest.


Get your order in for your very own DateFactory date-in-a-box to surprise your partner – we promise you won’t be sorry! There are 10 boxes to choose from, so you are definitely sure to find something to tickle (nudge nudge, wink wink) your fancy.

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