Diamond Rings with a Difference

Polki Diamond Rings

There are many ways to make an engagement ring stand out. From choosing a colourful gemstone to picking an alternative setting or mixing metals, there is no shortage of possibilities for personalizing your engagement ring! There are so many different types of diamonds, so find one which is as unique as you and your sweetheart’s love. A recent trend takes the idea of unique, non-traditional engagement rings even further…jewellers are using more and more raw, rough, or rustic diamonds to make engagement rings one of a kind. This returning trend has been popular in royal circles for generations. Uncut diamond rings are a great way to add meaning and symbolism to your engagement ring as they are illustrative of emotions and personality traits.

Brides who don’t fit the traditional mould will be happy to know that diamonds with a difference are becoming a prominent feature in bridal jewellery. The Polki diamond has been decorating Indian bridal jewellery for years and has now found it’s way to the West. Since Polki diamonds are virtually uncut, their beauty lies in their purity and rawness. These diamonds are mined from the earth and retained in their natural form with virtually no modification. The magic of their simplicity and imperfection is quite mysterious. ‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’ – Leonard Cohen

Your engagement ring is the only piece of your wedding attire that can be worn after the special day, so why not choose one that compliments your personality? diamond rings

What is a Polki Diamond?

First things first, what is a Polki diamond exactly? Polki diamonds have the same monetary value all over the world and are fairly popular in the diamond market.  They are one of the oldest forms of diamonds, originating in India long before Western cutting methods were made use of. They often retain their original rough form and have an unfaceted, polished surface. Although Polki diamonds have remained in use in traditional Indian jewellery designs, mainly fashioned for wedding pieces, Western designers like Jagger, who is based in London, and others have begun to incorporate these classic gems into their pieces. With so many different types of rings on the market, why not invest in a unique ring and wedding band? A Polki diamond can easily match anyone’s style as there are none which look exactly alike. Polki diamonds are an incredible feature used in diamond rings- with its remarkable raw beauty, you can be sure that you’ll have an engagement ring which is unique and extraordinary. Just remember- diamonds are a girl’s best friend.diamond rings

Why choose the diamond in the rough?

The appeal, according to another London-based designer Sally Agarwal, “is that they generally are cut to follow the original rough stone so no two are alike and they impart a distinctiveness that makes each piece unique.” In addition, Polki diamonds are very flattering to the wearer because the light they give off is much softer compared to the sparkle of modern cuts.

Also, uncut diamonds are actually less expensive as per each carat. How does this work? Well, mainly because no complex cutting or high-priced polishing process is done on them. Want to know how you can be sure if you’re getting your money’s worth of diamonds? A diamond’s carat is as per the measurement of its weight. So with this, the larger stones are as precious, as they are rare to find. Yet this is not really the case with rough diamonds. Unpolished diamonds of a higher carat are not necessarily costlier than the smaller ones. This depends on the amount of visible flaws on the stone’s surface. If an uncut diamond has several noticeable flaws, it will have to be cut out to remove them. Therefore, meaning that for a rough stone, a high carat may not cause it to be more valuable than a diamond that is tinier but cleaner.

Polki diamonds are one way of ensuring that you will have a unique ring to wear for the rest of your life. And why be the same as everybody else? Make your marriage life special and personal by starting it off with a unique ring which suits your style. Whether you go with a diamond or decide on a different gemstone, your engagement ring will be something you treasure for the rest of your life.


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