Custom Engagement Rings

Why you should consider custom-made jewellery

Choosing an engagement ring is a very exciting experience, yet for some, it can be slightly daunting. When walking into a retail jeweller, one can feel overwhelmed, not only by the variety of rings on offer but also by hefty price tags.

Contrary to popular belief, choosing to go with a custom engagement ring can actually save you money as private consultants do not have the high overheads of retail jewellers, and therefore are likely to charge you a lot less.

In addition, having your engagement ring custom made allows you to explore creative avenues in partnership with your consultant as appose to conforming to certain criteria.

Lastly, a custom made engagement ring is always more personal, it has a story and a soul to it. Each ring is unique and specially made for every individual.

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How the Custom Ring Design Process Works

Firstly, you will need to set up a consultation with your jeweller. During this consultation, they will take you through the process of having an engagement ring custom made. They should also educate you about the diamonds and gemstones and metals they use.

After this first consultation, you will then be likely to have a second consultation to view the appropriate stone/stones for your ring. Set up consultations well in advance as it may take time to source the perfect stone/stones and goldsmith’s schedules need to be considered too.

custom ring design process


4 Things to Consider when Getting a Custom Ring Made:


1. Your Budget:

One of the starting factors of choosing an engagement ring is budget. This can determine a diamond’s size, colour, clarity and cut. For example, a fancy cut diamond can often be more budget-friendly as they are less expensive than a round brilliant cut diamond.

Rosette Jewellery always strives to give their clients more for their money as well as offer our clients’ industry insider tips. For example sizing of diamonds, the difference isn’t obvious to the eye, and yet it can make a huge price difference.


2. Your Ring Style & Design:

Choosing a design can be tricky. Not only because everyone has different tastes, but there is so much variety. Luckily, most women will drop hints as to what design they like and when in doubt, Pinterest! Check on various Pinterest boards for images of the types of rings your partner might prefer. If you still don’t know, ask a friend or family member.

Ring size can be tricky if your proposal is going to be a surprise. If your partner has an existing ring which you could ‘borrow’ and give to your jeweller to measure that would be first prize. Remember this ring would need to fit the ring finger. Failing this, you could ask a family member or friend who would possibly know.

engagement ring styles

3. Diamonds vs Alternative Gemstones:

Again, contrary to popular belief, diamonds aren’t necessarily a girl’s best friend. Some people prefer a different gemstone. You should consider a stone that is relatively hard and durable. Ruby and Sapphire are a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them good options for an engagement ring.

An alternative gemstone is often more budget-friendly too, although there are exceptions to this rule. Just like diamonds, gemstones have various factors which affect their price. These include colour, clarity, cut, brilliance and finish. When choosing a gemstone, you should only buy from someone who has considerable knowledge of gemstones.

gemstone hardness scale mohs

Diamonds are still the most common choice for engagement rings. However, be careful to only buy diamonds with a reputable laboratory certificate.

Like diamonds, for any gemstone, you should receive a laboratory certificate. Especially when buying rubies or sapphires as the market is flooded with synthetics. The average jeweller generally doesn’t know the difference between a synthetic sapphire versus a natural sapphire.

Rosette Jewellery’s owner, Amber has multiple years of experience working with both diamonds and gemstones and has a substantial gemological knowledge.

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4. The Metal of the Ring:

You will need to decide on a metal that will not only compliment the ring design but also the stone that you choose. In South Africa, the choices are normally between platinum, 9ct, 14ct or 18ct gold.


In South Africa, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold are commonly used. You will also need to decide on what colour, yellow, rose or white gold, your soon-to-be fiancé prefers. Remember that white gold would need to be rhodium plated annually to keep it’s shiny, white appearance.


Platinum is becoming a very popular metal for engagement rings for various reasons. For instance, it won’t tarnish, though it will show some wear over time. It does not require plating, all it requires is a good polish to bring back its shine. Platinum also compliments the beauty of diamonds

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Images from Rosette Jewellery

The Design & Manufacturing Your Custom Engagement Rings

When you have made a final decision on the above factors for your ring, it’s time to give your jeweller a ring size.

Once your jeweller has all your specifications for the ring including the size they will be able to give you a quote on the price for your custom ring. When all parties have agreed on the quote, it’s time to start the process of making the ring.

If your design has been created using CAD (computer-aided design) then the wax model of the ring will be cast. If not, a goldsmith will make the ring according to the specifications of your design. Once this process is finished, we then move on to the setting of the stone(s), any plating necessary and polishing.

The process of manufacturing the ring will vary depending on material availability and production capacity of your jeweller. Confirm the lead time to make sure you get your ring on time if you have a set date you want to propose.

Finally, when the ring is complete it is time for delivery. The rest is up to you to plan your perfect proposal and pop the question. Good luck!


Article Written by Amber from Rosette Jewellery




Rosette Jewellery specialises in made to order engagement rings, wedding sets, earrings, dress rings, pendants, tennis bracelets as well as loose diamonds and gemstones. Contact them for a consultation now.

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