What is the Difference Between a Kitchen Tea and Bachelorette Party?

There has always been a lot of confusion when it comes to planning a kitchen tea or bachelorette party. Do you know the difference between the two? Some brides request to have these as separate events or some choose to combine the two. Maybe it would be wise to look at how these events are different in order to decide which option is more suitable for you – or perhaps you need both!

Difference Between a Kitchen Tea and Bachelorette Party

Difference Between a Kitchen Tea and Bachelorette Party

What is Kitchen Tea?

Traditionally the Kitchen Tea, also referred to as Bridal Shower is an event where family and friends do a pre-wedding celebration. Women who are friends with, or related to the bride-to-be will gather together in a more formal setting to enjoy tea, champagne and snacks.

At a kitchen tea, gifts meant for the home are usually given to the couple – appliances, cutlery, home decor, etc. Often gift registries are set up by the couple with ideas of items that they need. The idea behind it all is to help the couple prepare for their new home life together. These days guests are not so specific with the type of gift they present to the bride-to-be, but the event is still only attended by women.kitchen tea gift ideas

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Hen Party mix box Gift

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What is a Bachelorette Party?

A Bachelorette can also be referred to as a Hen’s Party; this is usually the party side of it all. The Bachelorette Party is for the bride-to-be to spend time with friends and family before stepping into married life. These parties are often on the more adventurous side of things! At a bachelorette, you don’t always involve mothers or grandmothers, depending on what the party might involve.

Planning the Bachelorette Party is usually the responsibility of the Maid of Honour and this can be anything from wine tasting, spa days or going out dancing. Here are 11 fun Bachelorette Party Ideas to give you some inspiration.

If you have a big family and group of friends, you might decide to split the two occasions but still have them on the same day. The Maid of Honour can organise that the older women in the family, as well as the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom attend the Kitchen Tea. The friends and younger cousins attend the night-time festivities. It all comes down to the size of the wedding and the personality of the bride.bridal shower party ideasbachelorette party gift boxbachelorette party ideasbachelorette party survival kit

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