Wedding Trends For 2021 & 2022

Wedding Trends For 2021 & 2022

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Wedding decor and flower Trends

When it comes to Wedding Trends For 2021 & 2022 for flowers and decor, it continually changes. You can go online and one website will say greenery and another website will say bold colours. This definitely comes down to personal taste.  If you look at your Instagram page, and you’ve saved pictures of white, silver, soft, and blush decor, that’s what you’re going to end up going for. Whether the trend is bold or not.

It’s crucial to have a look at your wedding budget as it plays a large role in the decor and flowers. Here in South Africa we have amazing flowers that we locally source, which also helps to cut costs. We don’t only have Proteas, we also have a large variety of stunning flowers. Consult with your florists to see what they can do to keep your budget in mind. Be realistic with the pictures that you’re showing your florist and decor company, and value their opinion. It’s essential to have an open, honest relationship with your florist so that you can have the look and feel on your big day that you have always dreamt of.

Wedding Flowers 101

Wedding colours

The Wedding Trends For 2021 & 2022 of bringing nature into your Wedding Venue is very popular! Earth tones, cinnamon colours, and mustards are coming through along with greens and emeralds. There isn’t often a particular colour that trends, once again it comes down to personal taste and also what suits your wedding venue. We’re seeing a resurgence of the classic and the contemporary, so going into your granny’s closet seeing what you can do with an old embroidered tablecloth for example. All of those elements will add a lot of character to your wedding table layout. Layer upon layer of different textures will add to the atmosphere of your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Trends

We see a lot of sleeves like bell sleeves, a lot of off the shoulder boho dresses, and very relaxed bridal dresses. We’re seeing detail on the sleeves, so it can go from summer into winter. Obviously it always comes down to the bride’s preference and what suits her body, but there’s a lot of movement and shape in sleeves. Pantsuits has also made an appearance! This gives a little bit of an edge to the day and brings out the bride’s personality.

Image of pantsuit from Janita Toerien

Dress Styles For Body Types

Wedding Rings

For wedding rings, we see a trend in romantic and statement pieces. Many women are no longer being able to go to work instead they’re attending zoom calls, so you see their hands and it’s important that the ring they wear is something that they cherish. Whether or not you’re lucky to inherit an heirloom or if you choose a statement ring, it’s something that the bride needs to be proud of and the ring needs to showcase their personality.

Essential Guide to Wedding Rings

Wedding Makeup and Hair trends

Every year there is something specific either a bold lip, an up style, or just soft curls. In general, a bride knows what she likes. She’s either going to go for a very soft look with maybe a bright red lip or she’s going to go for a more bold look overall because that’s not normally what she does. No matter the trend, brides going to go with what makes her feel comfortable and beautiful.

Hair & Makeup Advice

Bridesmaids Dresses

A lot of brides allow their bridesmaids to be a little bit more creative with their dresses, and not necessarily match the colour palette with the decor, and theme. This gives bridesmaids the freedom to do something more seasonal. As to what’s trending, it’s easy to find a great shape that works for all your bridesmaids. Whether they have long dresses and keep some sort of similarity and symmetry, but choose different tones.

Images from Hoiden Bridesmaids

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

Suits and Menswear

Men now are focusing on more tailored suits and something a little bit different compared to just the plain old tux. The white jacket with the black pants or the lapel being a different color as well as a different size is definitely a Wedding Trends For 2021 & 2022.

Image 2 and 3 from Frank Bespoke

Wedding Photography and Videography 

There are Wedding Trends For 2021 & 2022 towards getting in a company that does both wedding photography and videography. This allows couples to share memories with guests who aren’t able to attend due to travel restrictions and to keep the guest numbers low. Some couples are attracted to a darker and more moody photography style, but there are also couples that prefer the lighter, brighter feel.  Choose a photographer that will capture the moments where you’re chatting to your friends and family. the moments that haven’t been captured in the last year, moments that are unposed and really show true happiness.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Wedding Catering

We have seen a trend of homely farm-style cooking and catering for weddings. Due to COVID19, buffets are moved right out of the window. Plating and presentation however are really important to a lot of couples, so it’s not just the taste of the food but when a plate of food gets placed in front of you it has a WOW factor! Couples are really interested in what it’s going to look like. Perhaps the wedding decor budget has changed and the number of guests attending lowered, therefore you can treat your guests with more of a food experience.

Interactive food stations are still amazing, where couples have chefs on duty alongside a serving assistant so that there’s less physical contact. Locally sourced food is really important to a lot of our couples, and a lot of the time they ask what’s grown on the farm or what’s grown locally in the area. When it comes to dessert, there are quite a few trends as the dessert is very much part of your menu. Most couples have a large wedding cake and choose not to include a dessert option in the actual menu. They’d rather do a late-night snack to give the guests before they travel back home.

Wedding Catering Budget

Wedding Entertainment Trends

Live bands are always going to be something that bridal couples want. It’s a great way to bring all of the guests onto the dance floor and really get the night started! If you don’t have a very large budget you can bring a smaller entertainment option into the day, like a wedding DJ. They can always bring in a fun element like a saxophonist, where he/she can jump onto the dance floor at about 10 pm and really get the guests going. It’s always a lot of fun when guests come to your wedding and they feel a good vibe. Guests want to be able to sing along to all the music and have fun, so no matter what you choose make sure it’s got a joyful undertone!

Games to Entertain Your Guests

Wedding stationary Trends

Trends are super light when it comes to stationary. If couples want an embossed envelope that’s what they’re going to get. A lot of couples are starting to question the eco-friendliness of it. There has definitely been a trend to go digital and less of the print element. On the big day beautiful sketches, doodles, are classic trends. Whether it means a beautiful black print or white linen-textured cards. It’s things like this that will be cherished and that will make your wedding elegant and timeless.

Save the Date Ideas

Live streaming your wedding

If you have a granny or grandpa that isn’t able to come to your wedding, live streaming is the perfect way to keep them included in the day. Making sure that they’re actually watching you live, they’re going to feel included in the day and that’s really special. Remember this is an additional cost that videographers will have to set up a station specifically for live streaming your wedding, but it’s vitally important. All those that weren’t able to attend, will be able to celebrate and cherish the day with you!

Live Streaming Tips

The Wedding Date

Weekday weddings are very popular. 2020 Brides were screaming in frustration because they had to postpone to weekdays as all the premium dates were fully booked. Everyone has adapted due to the fact that they want to get married with their loved ones present. Have that special day that you’ve planned even if it’s on a weekday, rather than not having it or postponing for too far out. Our advice to couples is; if you need to look at booking a date now, things change all the time and you need to consider finding a date in a month that you know you and your guests will be available. If you only have a weekday available and you love the venue, go for it!

We can guarantee you can get amazing deals from wedding vendors when they do weekday weddings, as they’re not all fully booked on weekdays. This will soon change as Thursday’s, Friday’s,  Saturday’s and Sundays are becoming the norm for weddings. Weekday offers work for couples who are budget-conscious. You also could get some really good deals when it comes to winter weddings! If you’ve had an outdoor wedding in mind, winter’s not going to be for you. However, you can still have a really stunning winter wedding indoors, and you can make it really cozy. You can light a fire, get loads of glass elements and candles with reflections into the windows. It can be very special and very romantic!


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