Wedding Duties: Responsibilities of the Groom

Last week we kicked off our Wedding Duties series with Responsibilities of the Bride. This week, we’re focusing on the Responsibilities of the Groom. Many Grooms are not too involved in the planning of the wedding, but with this helpful list of the groom wedding duties, you can get the job done and help your future bride with ease.


Discuss your budget with your parents if they are paying/contributing to the wedding. It always puts them at ease when you come well prepared, so do research on what everything should cost and how much you’re planning to spend. Remember to keep track of expenditures, so you have answers if they have questions later. 

Choose your Bridal Party

Choosing your best man is a very important decision. He will be the guy next to you when the nerves are getting the best of you and your butterflies are fluttering while waiting for your bride. He and your groomsmen will be your support structure, choose guys who you can count on.

Choose Wedding Attire

Whether you buy, rent or have suits made for you and your groomsmen, make sure you do so at a reputable Men’s Wear supplier. Ensure that the suits and the colour scheme of the wedding will match and that the suits are well-fitted. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit.

Organise Wedding Transport

It is your responsibility to organise transport to get your bride to the ceremony. There are companies that specialise in wedding transport, and we list these specialist companies in our Vendor Directory.

Prepare a Speech

The Groom traditionally includes the special Thank You’s as well as a toast to his new bride. You should sit down with your fiancee about a week before the wedding and compile a list of people you would like to thank. After that, you can work on your toast to your bride. Keep it sincere and heartfelt, but short. This will ensure maximum impact.

Plan the Honeymoon

Normally this is kept a secret from your fiancee. Going abroad for your honeymoon is a big trend lately, but remember that this option will require some extra admin. Not only will you have to book the flights and accommodation, but you will have to ensure all travel documents are in order for you and your fiancee. This includes passports, visas, travel and medical insurance. Booking a local honeymoon can be just as special, and will be easier to coordinate. Many resorts are more than willing to go the extra mile for a honeymooning couple – so be sure to mention you are newlyweds to ensure maximum romance.

Complete all Legal Paperwork for Marriage

The most important is discussing your Antenuptial Contract with your fiancee and having that drawn up. Your Officiant will also notify you of any other additional documents required for him to obtain your marriage licence. You should also update your will, and inform your insurance after you are married.

The groom has fewer responsibilities than the bride, but this frees up your time to help out your fiancee wherever you can. This can be a really fun process if you do it together!

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Also, have a look at our Duties of the Wedding Party board on Pinterest.

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