Wedding Duties: Maid of Honour’s Responsibilities

Being asked to be the Maid of Honour is an incredible honour (hence the name) but it is also a stressful role. With this handy list showing you what your maid of honour duties are, you’ll be sure to have a blast while helping your friend plan her wedding, so you don’t have to worry about anything! You will be the Bride’s first port of call – and it is your job to take care of all the small problems that are stressing her out. Here is our comprehensive list of the Maid of Honour’s responsibilities in our Wedding Duties series.

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What Does the Maid of Honour Do?
1. Dress Shopping

Help shop for dresses. Normally the Maid of Honour goes to fittings when the Bride is shopping for her own wedding dress. This will include helping her in and out of the dress and giving your honest opinion. The Maid of Honour usually has a say in the bridal party’s attire – like picking the style and hues of the bridesmaid dresses. Everyone needs a shopping buddy to help when it comes to choosing the dream dress! Have some fun and pretend you’re on your very own episode of ‘Say Yes to the Dress.’

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2. Help with Pre-wedding Tasks

If the bride is handling a lot of the tasks herself, like making items for décor purposes, help wherever you can – get quotes, join her with planning meetings. You have to keep a clear head – help the Bride focus on what is important. It’s always good to have an extra pair of hands to help. You can also make suggestions in the planning process if the bride is open to it! As the Maid of Honour, it is your duty to make sure that your best friend doesn’t turn into a bridezilla! Help her stay calm and collected by assisting wherever you can. Knowing she has someone she can trust on the job will definitely reassure the bride-to-be.

3. Plan the Kitchen Tea and Bachelorette Party

It is the responsibility of the Maid of Honour to plan and host the Kitchen Tea and Bachelorette Party. You can include the Bridesmaids in with the planning to create a bonding experience between the girls. This is a fun task that also takes a little bit of creativity from your side! Is your friend the type who wants a rowdy party or is she more of a classic tea-party bride? For either option there lots of tips available to help you plan.

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4. Take Note

Keep a list of all the gifts received at various parties and showers for the bride to send thank-you cards at a later stage. You can delegate this task to a responsible bridesmaid if you like. This will also be an important task at the wedding, should the bride not be able to thank everyone in person. Something as simple as saying ‘Thank You’ can end up being very important to the family.

5. Time Management

On the big day, you will have to make sure that everything is on schedule, making sure the Bride eats breakfast and stays hydrated while she is getting her hair and make-up done. You will also help her get dressed and assist her with shoes and accessories. Make sure that all bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, get to the ceremony on time, and have the correct bouquets. You should also know what the schedule for the day is, and make sure that the bridesmaids know when they are needed.

6. Ensure the Bride is picture perfect

Arrange the Bride’s train and veil before the ceremony begins and just after she arrives at the altar. Always have tissues, lip balm and the Bride’s shade of lipstick handy. Here’s a great list of what you should have in your Day-Of Emergency Kit.

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7. During the Ceremony

It is the Maid of Honour’s responsibility to hold the Bride’s bouquet while the couple exchanges vows and to hold the Groom’s ring (unless the Bride has a ring bearer). In some cases, the Maid of Honour will sign the marriage license with the Best Man as witnesses unless the couple wants their parents to witness.What Does the Maid of Honour Do

8. During the Reception

Play hostess along with the other bridesmaids at frequent points during the reception: show guests where to sit, direct them to restrooms, tell them where to put presents, and invite them to sign the guestbook. Collect any gift envelopes brought to the reception and keep them in a safe place. Make sure the Bride takes a moment to eat, running interference with over-eager guests if necessary. Refresh her drink and instruct the wait staff to keep her food warm if needed.

9. Write a Speech

Traditionally the Maid of Honour will make a toast to the couple or the bride during the speeches. If the Bride asks you to do so, make sure you write your speech ahead of time and practice, so you’re comfortable on the evening.

Being asked to be the Maid of Honour is a testament to the friendship between you and the Bride and you should cherish this time. The Bride will count on you for support, help, and advice – try your best to give her everything she needs.

Read our previous articles in the series: Responsibilities of the Bride, Responsibilities of the Groom, and Responsibilities of the Couple. Also, have a look at our Duties of the Wedding Party board on Pinterest.

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