Tips for The Wedding Seating Plan

The guest list has been agreed on and invitations have been sent. Let’s tackle the next task: Who sits where? Our trusted wedding experts give great advice on how to handle the seating plan for your wedding reception. This is something that many couples struggle with. So check out the video below for some helpful tips.

Tips for Planning Your Wedding Seating Chart

First things first! Know that it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. And this isn’t your biggest priority on your wedding day. The day should be about celebrating your love and starting your new life as a married couple. So don’t stress too much about getting it perfect. Hopefully, your guests are there to celebrate with you and will be respectful enough to not cause drama on your big day. That being said; here are some great tips to help you plan your seating chart.

planning your wedding seating chart wedding seating chart
Rectangle Tables, Round Tables and the Venue Layout

There is are a few things to consider when planning your seating plan. Firstly you need to check with your venues what tables they have and decide what tables you want. Do you want rectangular tables, round tables or square tables? If the venues supply tables they are most often either rectangular or round. So it is important to work with the venue. They will have hosted many weddings and events and will be able to advise on how to most comfortably fit the number of guests that will be attending.

Contrary to popular believe, rectangular tables are the more social tables because the depth of the table is less than the round tables. Round tables are however more cost-effective because you don’t need as much decor. With a round table, you only need a single centerpiece, as opposed to a row stretching down a rectangular table. You can always opt to use both round and rectangular tables to give the venue a unique and creative layout.

It is a great idea to have the dance floor in the centre of the room. It creates a better look and feel. And it’s is very important to have enough space in the room so that people do not have to squeeze through the tables.

wedding seating plan
rectangular table layout for wedding

Allocated Seating or Allocated Tables?

There are two options when it comes to your seating plan: allocated seating or allocated tables. The more traditional option is having allocated seating for each guest, coordinating a set place for each guest at a pre-planned table. Planning this type of seating chart takes careful consideration on your side.

The other option is assigning allocated tables to a group of guests. This is great for if you are not sure exactly who will get along with who. In this scenario, you can take a group of approximately 10 guests and simply give them an allocated table name or number. This way the guests can choose their own seat and sit next to whomever they feel most comfortable with.

allocates seating for guests

Mix and Match Your Guests

It’s very important to put the right group of people together. You know your guests and the type of people they are, so try to match people who know each other together. If your guests have similar interests and can get along, they should be able to keep up a conversation. This is vital for keeping up a pleasant atmosphere. People you definitely shouldn’t place together are people who used to date or are divorced. Don’t even put them on the same side of the room! Try to avoid tempting any drama as much as possible.

wedding guests having fun

Who Goes Where?

The traditional main table used to be the bride, groom and both their parents facing the guest, but it has changed over the years. Some people would prefer to be part of the vibe and sit with their guests. The biggest space in the room should be the main table, but straight after the formalities the main table disappears and the bride, groom and their parents will start to mingle with the guests.

There is a very big trend to have a ‘sweet-heart’ table that has only the bride and the groom on the table. For this table, it is suggested to leave and sit together and not leave your partner sitting alone on the table. This is something you would have to be discussed before time. Are you the type of couple that would prefer to enjoy everything together. The great thing about this table is that you as a couple get the bond and share this special time together, which is always a good thing.

In regards to your other guests, it is a great idea to place the most important people around the dance floor. Because this is where the photographer will be for a lot of the important wedding photos, such as the first dance. Anyone you would like to be in the photos or video should be close to the dance floor.

wedding seating plan
wedding seating plan

We hope these tips made it a little easier for you to start planning your wedding seating chart. Thanks to all of our experts for sharing their amazing tips and advice. and thanks to ZaraZoo Cine for filming our videos 🙂

The Experts Who Shared Their Advice on the Wedding Seating Plan:
    • Khali Collins from the Wedding Specialist
    • Christina Holt from Wedding Concepts
    • Hannes from Kraak Events
    • Nick from Events
    • Jadee McGowan
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