The Best 2022 Wedding Trends

The Best 2022 Wedding Trends

With the help of Cara from Mosaic Wedding Company and international wedding planners we have compiled The Best 2022 Wedding Trends!

Weekday Weddings

“We have done many weekday weddings, and I continue to see this happening in the future.” states Cara from Mosaic Wedding Company. “A lot of clients live internationally, so they don’t mind getting married in the week. Some venues give discounts should the wedding take place in the week, so this is super helpful when it comes to budgeting for your wedding. It also helps when guests are flying in. They would fly in over a weekend; relax before the weekday event, and then they can fly home over the next weekend.”

Beaman told Insider that he expects a rise in the number of weekday weddings in 2022. “Every single wedding venue is either completely booked for 2022 — Friday, Saturday, or Sunday — or they are getting very close to being fully booked,” he said. “There are still so many couples who pushed their wedding to 2022 because of COVID-19.”

Intimate Weddings & Destination Elopements

“If a traditional venue is not what you have in mind you can certainly plan an intimate wedding in a backyard, public park, local beach, or other open spaces” according to Maggie Lord from Wedding Forward .

Another one of current wedding trends is focused on efficiency and experience. Rather than gathering dozens, or even hundreds, of friends and family members, couples opt for a quick elopement with just them and a marriage officiant and heading straight to the honeymoon afterward. Today’s newly engaged couples don’t have the capability to save and spend like their parents did. 2022-Wedding-Trends-Intimate-Wedding

Venue accessibility and features

Cara from Mosaic Wedding Company advises that, “Most of my clients look for specifics that are important to them when in search of a venue. Most of them want at least some accommodation (especially for their family or bridal party). A mountain view is a huge plus; not just for those that have never been to SA but those who have been stuck in their home towns for the part two years. A pool or braai area for their pre- or post- wedding event is also a plus. This helps their guests not have to move from venue to venue over a few days.” 2022-Wedding-Trends-Wedding-Accommodation

Gauteng Wedding Venues with Accommodation

Wedding Catering

“I am seeing a lot of live food stations at the moment, although this has been coming for a while. People love to see their food being prepared by the chefs. It is super interactive and a lot of fun. Food can then be placed in individual cups or bowls, and this also helps with food safety. Food trucks for the pre- and post- wedding events have also become more popular. It’s a nice relaxed atmosphere and is a bit different to what guests will expect for the wedding itself.” Cara from Mosaic Wedding Company.

“We’re seeing more thoughtful and unique personal touches added to the overall design to truly celebrate their love story,” adds event planner Ashley Tangerini of Mavinhouse Events based in New England. “This includes a menu planned around a couple’s favourite foods or a late-night food truck that serves dishes from the first date. Some couples are crafting entire wedding menus around their love story, starting with the wine they enjoyed before their first kiss or the first dish they made together at home.”

Eco-Friendly Weddings

Thinking about the environmental impact your wedding can have is one reason couples decide to plan a more eco-friendly wedding. The great news is that many wedding companies, venues, and vendors are offering more eco-friendly wedding options than ever before. From farm to table food options to recycled paper invitations, you will not find a shortage of options when planning your eco-friendly wedding.

If you’ve chosen to have an environmentally friendly wedding be sure to read our blog, “Eco-friendly Weddings: What you need to know.

Planning tip: If you are looking for ways to create your own eco-friendly wedding you should start by finding a venue that offers outdoor space which will help to cut down on energy costs and you can most likely use the natural beauty of the area to cut down on the amount of decor and florals you need.” Maggie Lord

Entertainment during pre-drinks and reception

“I am noticing that a lot of my clients, especially those that had to postpone, or got engaged during COVID, are wanting to make music and entertainment the wow factor for their day. They want their guests to have the absolute best time at their wedding. Although music has always been a big thing to most people, people are looking at spending a bit more on live bands, a saxophonists or a local music vibe, should it be an international wedding. We are even bringing in table tennis for one wedding so guests can really have fun! There a lot of options here, from Fire Dancers to Live Painters, we can do it all.” Cara from Mosaic Wedding Company.

“We frequently add a string section to the band for depth or include a pop-up boy band to rev things up,” Lynn Easton of Easton Events adds. “From headliners to solos, we are seeing a ton of musical diversity becoming an absolute priority.”

According to Xanath Banuelos from XB Destination Weddings & Events, this approach will extend beyond music: “New surprise entertainment—think fortune tellers and professional dancers—will be embedded into the guests’ space, making the wow factor more legit.” 2022-Wedding-Trends-Wedding-Entertainment

Wedding themes and colour schemes

Cara thinks that although a few people will always look for a theme, many of her clients tend to go for a colour scheme for the day instead. “Subtle hints of their chosen colour; from the dresses the bridesmaids wear, to the flowers on the tables. I have a lot of people asking for a romantic or mystical feel. I think people will always lean towards a romantic look, and lighting will be where this comes from.”

“Lots of fairy lights, lanterns and candles will be the best way to make sure that their wedding night looks incredible. I think with COVID, more people are keen on looking for beautiful outdoor spaces, or at least make sure their venue is well ventilated with lots of space. if it is an open air venue, then lighting and lots of greenery will really make the guests feel like they are in a magical forest.”

Popular colour schemes according to Maggie Lord for 2022 is:

  • Evergreen Fog
  • Soft Blue
  • Black and dark, warm tones
  • Bright and colourful palettes

Bouquet Preservation

“After everything that went into creating the bridal bouquet, it’s no surprise many brides want to preserve it! Well, bouquet preservation, a long-forgotten, post-wedding tradition is about to take off again in 2022. From pressing flowers, preserving in epoxy resin or dipping in wax, to custom bridal bouquet paper flowers and paintings, brides are looking to artists for modern ways to preserve and present their wedding flowers.” Karen Louise from One Fab Day. 

Wedding dresses and bridal party attire

“Wedding dresses have definitely become more personal. Brides are adding hats, jackets, boots etc. 2 dresses have also come back with a bang. One smarter, more elegant one for the ceremony and then a shorter, or more party dress for the dancing. I personally opted for a leather jacket for the dance floor. Bridal party attire is a little more whimsical and light for the summer weddings.” states Cara from Mosaic Wedding Company.

“Many brides around the world are completely ignoring traditional wedding standards and making their own rules. This can come in the form of a slight tint to the traditional white wedding gown, bold vivid wedding gowns, or no gown at all. Rather, they are outfitted in cosplay, leather, feathers, or outfits that you would normally only see at the Met Gala. There are no rules. There are no expectations. You call the shots.” Maggie Lord from Wedding Forward.

“Short wedding dresses were hugely popular in the 1960s, and at intimate civil ceremonies. In 2022, we’re expecting to see more short bridal hemlines than ever before! The best part? A Little White Dress is so versatile, you can rewear it long after the wedding ends!” Karen Louise from One Fab Day.

Wedding Dress Styles that have been gaining popularity:

  • Bridal Separates

Commonly referred to as 2 piece wedding dresses. New wedding trends like these allow the bride to transition their look from ceremony to reception with very little effort. 2022-Wedding-Trends-Bridal-Two-Piece

  • Puff Sleeves

Past wedding trends lean towards clean lines and simple designs. Puff sleeves are this year’s counter-response, embracing old-world style and plenty of romance. 2022-Wedding-Trends-Bridal-Dress-Puff-Sleeves

  • Corsets

Corsets are both a historical fashion staple and a modern way to artistically sculpt your look. Today’s wedding dresses trends empower brides to wear corsets as the outer layer. The types of wedding themes that lean into female empowerment and high fashion will love it.

Stationery and wedding gifts

“Wedding websites are still a big thing! It’s the best place to leave a lot of information for those that have never been to SA before. For the day of stationary, client’s are definitely opting for personal menus made of acrylic. It’s definitely more of a keepsake and add’s a beautiful personal touch. On the other hand, I have a lot of guests wanting to be more eco friendly. Think of menus printed on recycled paper or one large menu (if everyone is eating the same meal). Modern font compared to the cursive font is also something I am seeing more of. Creative wording instead of formal wording is becoming more popular. Instead of the usual “you are formally invited” clients have opted for more fun wording like “Come dance with us on December 31st” for example.” Cara from Mosaic Wedding Company.

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