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Big Greek Wedding

Let’s take a look at some of the traditions that are near and dear to our Mediterranean friends and how they too can be incorporated into your wedding day to build a story for your wedding day. Thanks to MK Event Management for this feature.


Stefana Ring Crownings have been happening ar Greek weddings since the eleventh century and is still one of the most used and most sacred traditions. The crowns are placed on the heads of the couple during the ceremony and symbolizes the glory and the honour that is being bestowed on the couple by God.

Once crowned, the couple now become the rulers of their kingdom(home), which they will rule with integrity, justice and wisdom. The ribbon that joins the two crowns should remain intact as it represents the eternal bond between the couple. The crowning is a very important part of any Greek wedding and can even be incorporated into your own wedding as a symbol of the bond between you and your partner.


No Greek wedding is complete without Koufeta Bombonieres. These hard sugar-coated almonds are more than just a sweet handed out at weddings to the guests but have a much deeper meaning to them. The symbolism of Koufeta Bombonieres is actually a very complex one. That symbolism starts with the almonds themselves. They are generally white to symbolize purity, but their natural shape has a meaning too.

In their hard white sugar shells, they look like small eggs. The egg is symbolic of fertility, but also of the new life that begins with marriage. The almonds in their hard shells offer even more meaning. Of course, the sweet sugar shell refers to the sweetness of married life. But what about the hardness? That symbolizes endurance. Some give a third, beautifully “bittersweet” meaning. The sweet shell gives way to the bitterness of the almond inside- they mingle, balance each other, and become inseparable. Koufeta Bombonieres are always served in odd numbers to guests and the meaning is a beautiful one, it now means the couple is indivisible just as the almonds are.


No Greek Wedding is complete without dancing. A dance that can be seen at most Greek weddings is the money dance. It starts with the couple dancing and guests are encouraged to pin money to the couple’s attire. This tradition has been followed for years and the meaning behind it is simply a fun way to bless the couple so that they may begin their journey together without the debt from their wedding day.


While getting ready, the bride will write the name of all her single friends at the bottom of her shoes. At the end of the night, she will call out the name that remains and it is believed that will be the next person to get married.


When one thinks of confetti for a wedding item such as rose petals, leaves, paper confetti and even bubbles comes to mind, but at Greek weddings, it is a tradition to throw rice at the couple. Throwing rice is meant to bring abundance, good luck and fertility to the couple which is why the tradition is still practiced today.

Big Greek Wedding

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