Honeymoon Budget Tips

Although planning a wedding can be time-consuming and stressful at times there is always a Honeymoon to look forward to! To ensure you have a memorable first holiday as newlyweds, make sure you start planning and budgeting early on. Traditionally it has been the groom’s responsibility to plan the honeymoon, but as traditions shift, so does the bride’s involvement. Sure, you can always leave the finer details to him to surprise you with, but it’s best to plan and budget together. Here are our top Honeymoon Budget Tips.

1. Save Up

Decide on what type of honeymoon you want early on, so you can include the honeymoon in your wedding budget. This means you can start saving early on to remove the stresses of raising the funds close to your wedding. If you want an all-inclusive island holiday, do some research from the top travel agencies that offer package deals to get a good idea of what you should be paying. For trips abroad, it might be beneficial to get in touch with a travel agent who can advise you on average flight prices and visa costs, plus accommodation expenses – knowing the costs will help you save enough.Honeymoon Budget Tips

2. Ask for help

You could ask your guests to help by contributing to your honeymoon in lieu of a gift or normal registry. There are a couple of ways you could do this, but the easiest way is to set up a honeymoon registry. The honeymoon gift registry is a great service that will help you build the funds for your honeymoon. Yes, it might be awkward to ask your guests to help you pay for a honeymoon, but they surely won’t mind! A honeymoon gift registry is also a great tool to collect and save funds for the honeymoon if you already have everything you need and are not registering for anything else.Honeymoon Budget Tips

3. Timing is everything

If you’re honeymooning on a budget, consider taking your honeymoon in the off-season or the shoulder season (right before and after peak season). The cost will be much lower than going in peak season, plus you will have the added benefit of less crowded resorts, beaches and tourist attractions.Honeymoon Budget Tips

4. Take the road less travelled

You don’t have to go far to have a great honeymoon. Pack your bags, jump in the car, and explore the sights that South Africa has to offer! Plan a road trip to towns and attractions you haven’t been to, make plenty of stops along the way, sleep over in quaint B&B’s and experience the local culture.Honeymoon Budget Tips

5. Eat smart

Unless you’re taking an all-inclusive island holiday for your honeymoon, eating out can become expensive. The prices of alcohol especially are hiked up considerably in tourist spots to cash in on the un-savvy traveller. Visit the local market and grocer and buy provisions to make breakfast and lunch for yourself. This will shave a lot off your budget and can be quite romantic too! Pack a basket, explore the town and find a quiet spot to do people-watching, taking in nature and have a meal. Remember to pack beverages too!Honeymoon Budget Tips

6. Speak up

Don’t be afraid or shy to tell people you’re on your honeymoon! People tend to be very accommodating and generous to honeymooning couples. You might get a bottle of champagne, or a boat ride in the harbour, or even a room upgrade. Just be careful – don’t expect anything, just hope for generosity.Honeymoon Budget Tips

These tips will help you save a little on your honeymoon – the last thing you want is to start your marriage in mountains of debt! Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the time with your new spouse – it shouldn’t be a stressful trip. Relax, explore and enjoy each other’s company!

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