Entertaining Engagement Party Ideas

Hosting an engagement party has become a part of the traditions of getting married, here are a few Entertaining Engagement Party Ideas. Gone are the days when a wedding is just a wedding. These days the build-up to your special day is just as important as the day itself. This is the ideal time to break the wonderful news to family and friends and celebrate the next phase in your relationship. Some couples might feel the need to go that extra mile when it comes to celebrating their union.

Celebrate Your Engagement in Style
A Dress-up Party

If you love dressing up as a couple, why not incorporate this in your engagement party celebrations? Choose a team that suits you as a couple. The guests can dress up as movie couples or you can even imitate a wedding ceremony from your favourite movie. Dressing up creates immediate entertainment and keeps things casual. This will also be the perfect ice-breaker for guests that don’t know each other.

Action Activities

Even though the theme of your engagement party has its focus on you and your better half, not everyone wants to sit and listen to your love story over and over again. The best way to keep all guest engaged in the action is by introducing activities. Implement this by playing poker, orginising cocktail lessons, wine tasting or even paintball for the adventurous type.

Blast From the Past

If you don’t feel like planning an over the top extravagant engagement party, stick to what you know. Be creative by ‘revisiting’ the moment where you and your fiancé met. Ask all the guests to dress up. If you met at a venue or particular setting you can use that as your party venue.

Add Some Mystery

Since the guests are dying to find out every detail regarding your engagement and wedding plans, why not introduce it with role play. Add some mystery to your engagement party by playing ‘real-life’ Cluedo. Each guest receives a character and summary or background of that character to guide them in how they should act and dress.  At one point during the dinner party, the narrator will announce that someone is ‘murdered’.  Through deception and clever investigation, the guests have to solve the murder mystery by the end of the night, other games like ping pong and guessing games would also make for great entertainment.

We would love to hear about your creative engagement party ideas and how you’ve managed to keep your guests entertained.

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