Elopements in 2021

Elopements in 2021

The word elopement traditionally means a couple will run away together. Whether it means going to Las Vegas or somewhere fun, just to elope, and to say “I do”. Nowadays we’ve seen a big trend for elopements that have up to 10 or 20 guests. This is usually considered an intimate wedding, but we consider it an elopement and with the onset of converting these to elopement weddings. This has become a huge trend and it’s here to stay.  So whether it’s an intimate wedding or an elopement, really focus on what is important to you.

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We love Elopements. It’s an amazing, extraordinary, private, romantic, intimate way to say your vows. Elopement trends have picked up massively, especially couples who just want to get married, and those couples who perhaps are planning to relocate to another country or another province. They would love to get the marriage certificate all the details around the nuptials done at a time that’s convenient to them both. Many couples will look at a postponement of the bigger celebrations when it comes to telling family and friends about eloping. It can be a touchy subject as most parents, siblings and friends really want to be there on the day. If you are going to elope and you’re not going to have a traditional wedding, we suggest thinking about having a separate celebration at a later stage to include your parents and your siblings.elopement-in-2021-03-pink-book

How can I make friends and family feel included during my Elopement? 

If you are deciding to do just the two of you and nobody else, we recommend keeping your family in the loop. You could either do a live stream or a facetime call after you’ve had your ceremony. With a glass of champagne in hand, show them the venue, your bouquet, twirl around in your wedding dress and show them everything that you’ve done. They’ll feel like they’re still part of the day. If it’s just the two of you, get your family to write something really special like a poem or a note and let them give it to the marriage officer, so that he can read it out during your ceremony.  This will also help them feel included and it will make you feel really special on the big day.

Live Streaming your Wedding

Are there different types of elopements?

We currently have three types of different elopements. One is for the couple that feels the need to be on their own during COVID and they don’t want the fuss around them. Some couples had to postpone their weddings due to COVID and decided to rather elope than wait. The other couples are the ones that want to save on their wedding budget. Perhaps they want to put that budget towards something else, like a magnificent honeymoon or a home.

The third couple wants to have a smaller more intimate wedding so that they can really focus on the budget and those guests that are attending. The guests that are attending might have the best experience of their life! Each of them might have a personalized napkin or a mini personalized wedding cake. Each guest that is attending might have a role to play in that wedding. Some might be able to help you with the ceremony, some might be able to help with the reception. When it comes to budget a lot of people ask about the difference in cost. There’s definitely a large difference between an elopement budget and a really large wedding budget. No matter your choice, whatever you decide, it is totally up to you.

SA Honeymoon Destinations

What do we need to elope?

For an elopement, you need a marriage officer, a suit and a wedding dress. If you want to, you can get your hair and makeup done. You obviously still want to feel like a bridal couple and can even have a beautiful arch and a bouquet. We recommend a photographer and a videographer, to capture all the special moments. Remember to treat yourselves to a really fancy dinner that night! If you take the amount of money needed for a large wedding of about 100 people, you will have to feed them, there’s alcohol, decor, flowers, tables, and chairs. The vast difference in money is completely there. You’ll be able to see and understand the cost difference. Of course, if you’re doing both, you need to keep that in mind when it comes to costs. However, if you’re just going to elope and that’s what you want to do, it’s a massive saving, and you can make your arch or your bouquet something really really special.elopement-in-2021-02-pink-book

Elopement VS Wedding

What is the order of the day for an Elopement?

We would definitely recommend chatting to the wedding venue to see if there is accommodation on site. You’re more than likely going to spend the weekend there. So typically you’re going to arrive and check in on Friday, wake up on Saturday, have breakfast and then you’re going to get ready for the ceremony. More than likely you’re going to get married on-site. The wedding venue might have a private garden or somewhere romantic like close to the vineyards. They’re not necessarily going to charge you a fee for that, especially since you’re already staying there. If you can come up with an idea and show them exactly what you want your big day to look like, they’ll maybe understand that it’s not a full wedding. As you’re not going to have 50 people traipsing in and out of an elopement, it can be really special and intimate.

What about an elopement photoshoot?

We would highly recommend looking for a wedding venue that has really beautiful photography and videography opportunities for elopements. This is also going to be slightly cheaper to do a three-hour package compared to an eight-hour or a twelve-hour package for a full wedding. Check with the photographer and videographer and ask them what they can do for you. It’s always best to be honest with them give them your budget. If it’s not something that they can work with they can always recommend someone else. We suggest three hours for an elopement shoot because you do want to get a couple of photos or videos of you getting ready, photos of your ceremony, and a couple shoot. You don’t want to feel rushed.elopement-in-2021-01-pink-book

Choosing your Photographer

Are there all-inclusive packages for elopements?

There has been a massive inquiry in 2020 from couples to various wedding venues and wedding planners to come up with all-inclusive packages designed mostly to assist the couples who are just too busy to get involved with all the details. They don’t want to make so many choices whilst time is limited. They understand that you might have kids at home, cooking, cleaning, and working from home while having webinars and zoom meetings. There are just too many choices and it can get very overwhelming! They might already have all-inclusive packages with suppliers who already know the venue. To have a great relationship with these vendors and work together is a massive benefit for you as a couple. We find that couples who have requested collaboration packages have received massive discounts. Industry partners love working together! Some of these packages have been designed for a particular day of the week, which is also massively reduced in price to make it affordable and less work for the bridal couple.

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