Coronavirus Precautions: Don’t Panic, Plan!

Coronavirus Precautions

Coronavirus precautions – With the COVID-19 pandemic, exponentially growing, our worlds are becoming smaller and smaller. This has a big effect on the hospitality industry, which relies heavily on groups of people coming together.

As a bride, who has been spending a fair amount of time planning your perfect wedding day, the news updates of the past week is probably devastating. What do all these new laws really mean… How much of it is truly going to have an affect on your perfect day? How is this going to affect your local guests or and the reception celebration you have planned?

You know what, it’s okay to be upset, but we need to take control and make the most of it. We are all in this together!

Many brides have already received the news that their wedding day is not allowed to continue, so, we would like to put our couples at ease on what they can do, taking all the new information into consideration.

1. Postpone your wedding

Postponing sounds like so much more work, especially if you have planned this wedding for so long, but you have good reason to. You want to protect your guests and you do not want to leave anyone out, so, go for it. Find a new date and make a few small changes. This might just be a blessing in disguise.

If most of your guests are local and you are able to, rather move your wedding celebrations to another date. A lot of planning, heart and soul has gone into making this day perfect and a true reflection of you and your partner. As much as you want to get married and start your lives together, a few more months will not make that big of a difference. You can always do your ceremony on the day you planned and sign all legal paperwork with the marriage officiant and have the party at a later and safer stage!

Chances are that we will still have restrictions on alcohol service and limited guests later in the year, so plan around it. Rather opt for a smaller venue or even a morning ceremony. You can still enjoy your bubbly and festivities, without breaking any rules.

A lot of money has already been spent on paying deposits to secure your service providers on your already chosen wedding date. Ask your service providers if they are able to postpone to another date. Though it’s difficult to get everyone together on the same day, see what you are able to do. You can even choose a week date instead of a weekend, that is already fully booked in season. On the plus side, weekday weddings are a little bit cheaper.

While also facing the realities here, our whole country is struggling financially. If you would like to continue having your wedding this year, ask your service provider if they would be happy to accept a smaller deposit. This way, they still get paid can you can stretch your buck.

2. What if you cannot change your wedding date?

As difficult as it is, you will have to cut down on your guest list. The question, how do you uninvite someone who plays such an incredible role in your relationship?

Well, it’s actually not that difficult.

Start with the immediate family. Moms, Dads, Brothers; Sisters and Grandparents. Once you have narrowed them down, go to the next level of family members – uncles, aunts and cousins. How many of them do you spend time with, other than every second Christmas? If you have family that you don’t see often, rather give them a pass.

Then, include your original Bridal party, and the friends that you hang out with at least once every two months. Other than that, colleagues, family friends or anyone you only invited, because they invited you – rather leave them off the list.

Here’s a link on how to decide when is it a “yes” and when is it a “no”.

Tip: Remember to include your service providers in the final number of people attending.

Now that you got that one covered, what’s next?

Even though you limited your guests, you don’t necessarily want your other friends and family to miss out on this special moment, right? Let’s still make them a part of it!

3. Try a video streaming platform
  1. Facebook Live: Open up your status bar by tapping the text that reads “what’s on your mind?” Next, click on the three dots, to open more options. Then, you click on live video. “Allow” Facebook to access your camera and microphone. Choose your posting settings on your right, for Example: “Share on your timeline”. Then, Click on “Go Live” on the bottom right corner.

Now, everyone can join in your ceremony and celebrate the special moment with you!

  1. Instagram Live: Tap on the camera icon on the top left of your screen. Scroll to “live” at the bottom of the screen then, record. Easy peasy!


3.  You can Skype with your international guests who are unable to travel to ensure a more intimate connection.If you are struggling to connect, spend some of the money you saved by cutting down on guests, on a videographer who can capture all the special moments of your day, to give all your friends and family a beautiful look and memory of your wedding day.

It is important to always celebrate the little moments with the people near and dear to you. Once you and your new husband, or wife, are settled in, invite some of the remainder of your guests for dinner at your place or a nice restaurant.

It may not be exactly the same thing, but still counts as a special celebratory dinner and will make them feel like they are an important part of your life.

About the writer: Mia van der Merwe

Mia is a romantic at heart with a history of working in the media production industry. Strong administrative skills with a focus, and great knowledge of the events and weddings industry. Skilled in Photography, Microsoft Office, Event Coordination and Execution, Creative Writing and Editing.

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