Choose Your Wedding Season: The Need to Know Info

“We’re getting married!” Those few words are sure to send your loved ones into gushes of happiness and well wishes. And after all the hugging and kissing and congratulations the next set of words will more than likely string along. “So, have you set a date yet?”. This is also usually a bit of a downer, seeing as though the majority of people announcing their brand new engagement, have most certainly not set a date! It is a big decision based on many factors…the Wedding Season being one of them!

Your wedding date is an important one – for the obvious reason that it is one you will remember for the rest of your life. When looking at the perfect celebration, you may want to start with what season you wish to marry in as this will largely determine and help mould the theme of your wedding! So instead of selecting the date first, select the season – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter – and then choose a date within those months to match!

Here are some pros and cons of each season to consider when planning the perfect celebration by Event Affairs.


Symbolising new beginnings and new life for which you can lay the foundations of your marriage, Spring is a lush, green and abundant time of the year.

  • With flowers in full bloom, you won’t have a shortage of supply!
  • Springtime is also just before the summer wedding rush, so you will probably get fantastic pre-season deals on venues and even suppliers who have been running off-season rates and winter specials.
  • It is still wonderfully cool as summer is just approaching, so no sweating in your suits gentlemen or worrying about a beaded brow and running make up as you say your vows!
  • If you are wanting a Winelands Wedding, the vineyards are starting to fill out again with greenery and if the rain has been good in winter, everything will look abundant and lush for your romantic outdoor wedding shoot.
  • One of the risky factors of a spring wedding, however, is the ever-unpredictable rain that may rear it’s ugly head a bit through Spring and even into November! You may have to just make sure you have a rain option available at your venue as you may still get the odd rainfall left over from winter.

Wedding Season Spring


Long, lazy days full of bright sunshine and hot temperatures, Summer is said to bring the “best” weather!

  • Summer brings the holiday spirit so your guests are already in party mode!
  • There are quite a few public holidays to choose from so you can have your wedding on a weekday if it suits you.
  • Loved ones are also taking leave over the Christmas period so a wedding out of town can be a great option to consider as most of your guests will have left.
  • Summer in South Africa is also a prime time for destination weddings with International couples taking advantage of our glorious weather. This may make booking a bit frustrating so if you are planning a summer wedding, you will need to book your favourite venue well in advance.
  • Blistering heat is not for everyone so you may have to incur the expense of ways to keep your guests cool – think parasols, garden umbrellas, air con for marquees, cold refreshments and lots of ice!
  • As it is the peak of the wedding season things can be pricey so you may need to watch your budget more closely to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Wedding Season Summer


Our personal favourite time of year for a wedding! With shades of burnt orange, hues of yellow and gold like never seen before, Autumn is definitely a colourful and very romantic season!

  • As the Summer winds down and Autumn begins the march towards Winter, the change is seen in the foliage around us with leaves changing colour and leaving trees bare and beautiful. This can make for very dreamy and romantic wedding pictures.
  • Autumn is a cooler season compared to Summer but you can still have those gems during April and May where the temperature rises to 30 degrees during the day! Just make sure you make provision for the cooler evenings.
  • If you don’t like autumn colours or a beach wedding is your idea of a dream wedding, then Autumn is not the season for you.
  • The nights are chilly, so an outdoor wedding may become uncomfortable when the sun goes down and you will have to include heaters and blankets into your budget.
  • You will also have to prepare for an earlier ceremony as the sun starts setting early from now on.

Wedding Season Autumn


Cold and possibly white with snow in some areas, Winter brings with it a different kind of romance all on its own!

  • Winter Wedding fashion is exquisite! Think long sleeve Wedding Dresses, shawls and faux fur! You can pick something dramatic and original.
  • People are not used to Winter weddings so you are immediately unique in wanting one!
  • Your guests will always remember the little touches that warmed their tummies and bodies at your wedding from a blazing fireplace to a fun hot chocolate and gluhwein bar, the cosier the better!
  • Making a booking is bliss – it is easier to secure your ideal date in winter as venues are mostly available.
  • Rain, storms, wind and cloudy gloom – if you get a day like this in winter, it can be uncomfortable for you and your guests.
  • Outdoor ceremonies are not an option as they are too risky so you will always have to have an indoor option available for the ceremony, pre-dinner drinks and reception.
  • Winter is not ideal for Winelands weddings as the vines are bare and barren so it looks less lush on the photos.

Wedding Season Winter

So the next time you are asked “Have you set a date yet?” respond with “More like, have we chosen the season yet!”.

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