Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is one of the first celebratory events that mark the build-up to the wedding! This special day is usually shared with the bride’s closest allies and family and is a fantastic way for the female guests to get to know each other before the wedding. It is usually the duty of the maid of honour or best friend of the bride to plan this celebratory event. Here are some great tips and ideas to help you along the way.

How to Throw a Bridal Shower:

When you are starting with the bridal shower planning, make sure you pick a cute theme that will suit the bride! Always remember that this day is about your friend, so stick to something she will really love! The size of the group will determine what type of party this will be. Start by deciding when to have the bridal party and who to invite. Below are some of the most important things to consider:

  • When to have the kitchen tea?
  • Who to invite?
  • 5 Bridal shower entertainment ideas
  • Bridal shower gifts
  • Bridal shower themes & inspiration

bridal shower ideas south africa

When to have the Kitchen Tea

Most of the times, the bride is involved in the planning of the bridal party. She won’t know everything, just the basics! A bridal party usually happens somewhere in the two months leading up to the wedding. It is important to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Will the bride’s closest family members be available?
  • Will the bride be available? Make sure it doesn’t clash with a dress fitting!

Bridal Shower Themes
Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

Who to invite

The best plan of action would be to ask the bride for a list of must-invite guests. She knows her wedding guest list by heart! Sometimes it is nice to include a close relative that might not be able to make it to the wedding. You don’t have to invite all the female wedding guests to the bridal party! Try to stick to a maximum of 30 guests to keep the party intimate. 

5 Bridal Shower Entertainment Ideas

Not all brides like to play games! If your bride-friend is shy and would just like to feast and drink champagne and share the day with her friends, allow her to do that. You can entertain the guests by reading a pretty poem or saying a few nice words about your friend. Don’t push her to do things that she finds embarrassing! It is her day after all. If she does like playing games, here are a few ideas for fun activities at a bridal shower. 

breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower

1. The Bridal Quizzes

A quiz is always a fun way to get everyone involved! You can either have a “How well do you know the bride” quiz or maybe do a “Happy 50’s Housewife” quiz where the bride is in the hot seat! You can ask her house-related questions, have her identify spices and herbs and even make her guess the prices of cleaning products. If she doesn’t know she can always ask one of the guests to assist her. Here is a cute Disney Love Song bridal party quiz and a What’s In Your Purse quiz to inspire you!bridal shower disney love song quizbridal shower quiz purse


2. DIY and Craft Time

If it is an intimate party with only a few guests, you can bring out their creative side by doing some arts and crafts! Try to connect the arts and crafts to the bride so it doesn’t seem too random! Decorating and painting cute mugs is always fun! You can also hand beads to all your guests and you can string a long necklace while giving the bride “pearls of wisdom”. A flower decorating workshop is also a lot of fun – especially when the bride is doing her own flowers for the wedding!diy bridal shower ideas
Image via PEXELS

3. Cooking Lessons

This idea will also work for a small, intimate group! Divide into teams and have a Masterchef cook-off, or go for a fun baking class or cupcake decorating workshop together. If your bride is a foodie, she might enjoy a cheese and wine tasting or a chocolate pairing! Be creative!

bridal shower entertainment
Image via PEXELS

 4. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Sometimes it is still fun to be just a little bit silly! The toilet paper wedding dress is one of those silly games that always gets a laugh and is a lot of fun to play,

  • Divide into three or four teams
  • Let the bride choose the designated bride in every group
  • When the bride shouts go, the teams must use toilet paper to create the prettiest wedding dress they can!
  • The bride will man the timer and when the time runs out, she will pick a winner!
5. Wedding Advice

Ask your guests to bring a piece of wedding advice with and capture the guests with an Instant camera and have them write their wedding advice on the back. You can have a little washing line with pegs where they can hang their photos and the bride can keep the photos and memories! Alternatively, you can start a small scrapbook at the bridal party and paste in photos, cute anecdotes by guests, recipes, wedding advice, and more! This also doubles up as a thoughtful gift for the bride!

Bridal Shower Gifts

Opening the gifts has always been a big part of the kitchen tea entertainment. In modern times, the bride usually doesn’t need kitchen and homeware as much anymore, so a great gift idea would be to ask all the guest to gift her vouchers. The bride can then go shopping for what she really wants and needs! The bride can also open gift registries for her kitchen tea.

Popular gift registries are with Yuppiechef, Woolworths and Mr Price Home.

bridal shower gift hamperbridal shower gifts

Bridal Shower Themes & Inspiration

When planning the bridal shower, it is always easier to decide on the venue and decor if you have a theme in mind. And having a set theme can also make the party more fun! Have a look at the awesome Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower featured in our blog. If you need some inspiration and ideas the easiest place to go is always Pinterest.

Once you have a theme in mind, head over to our Kitchen Tea Venues section in the directory to find a place to host your event.

bridal shower decor
wedding welcome sign

Image via Cool Bride Dress (Left) Bridal Shower Ideas 4u (Right)

gold bridal shower bridal shower drinks

Image via WeddMagz (Left) Martha Stewart Weddings (Right)

decorations for bridal shower pastel kitchen tea

Image via Country Living (Left) Wedding Decor 2018 (Right)

water wise bridal shower

Image by Green Wedding Shoes

colourful kitchen tea unique bridal shower

Image by Yasmin Sarai Photography (Left) Shayla Renee Photography (Right)

candlyland bridal shower

Image by Beauty Tip Smart 

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