10 Reasons Why You Should Elope

Here are our Top 10 Reasons To Elope

Many, if not most of us, grow up dreaming of a fairytale wedding. We have the perfect dress in mind and we have all of the tiny wedding details picked out long before we even meet Mr Right! However, let’s change the picture for a quick second (and this is why you should elope). Imagine yourself standing in front of your sweetheart, with absolutely no stress, just you two. There’s a breathtaking sunset in the background and sun warms your skin as the waves of the ocean kiss the shore behind you. Elopement is becoming a more and more popular option for many couples across the globe. We ran a poll on our social accounts and over 70% of our brides-to-be said they have considered eloping! So why is this such an attractive option as opposed to the classic white wedding?

TOP 10 Reasons to Elope by Pink Book Weddings

Image by: Photos by Mana

1. It’s Budget-Friendly

The first reason why you should consider eloping is because it’s budget-friendly. Weddings don’t come cheap, people! In fact, weddings can get incredibly expensive in South Africa. Don’t get us wrong; we love nothing more than a big, beautiful wedding with fairy lights and chandeliers. Feeding 120 guests is freakin’ expensive! However, buying two tickets to Tuscany might end up saving you some money (money that you can now splurge on something else).

photo by Megan Ann

2. You can combine it with your Honeymoon

If you are eloping, why not use the trip as a combined wedding/honeymoon? Not only are you saving money on an extravagant wedding ceremony, now you can put more towards an amazing honeymoon. Be it on the coast of Italy or under the trees in Bali, you’ll be all set. In addition, by not spending all your savings on a big wedding, you can spend some of that cash on things that are important when starting a life together – making a down payment on a house or buying a car together.


Image Source: Duepinti Wedding Photography 

3. It’ll Be An Adventure

Have you always wanted to travel the world with the person you love the most in the world? Now is your chance! We love the idea of starting a marriage with an abundance of adventures. You’ll get to see the most incredible sights and experience moments that you’ll remember forever. What a perfect way to start a life together! Sight-see and explore countries together as newly-weds.


Image Source: The Travel Guide 

4. You get VIP Treatment

If you elope, you can spend some money on spoiling yourself instead of trying to keep everyone else happy. Have you always dreamed of having a candle-lit dinner in Paris? Now’s your chance. Your wedding day should be about the two of you, as a couple. So take this opportunity to go all out! Get a limo, get the best champagne, get an amazing photographer to capture every detail.

elopement in paris eiffel tower

Photo by Claire Morris Photography

5. No More Stress

If you Google the most stressful jobs in the world, wedding planning will come up in the top 5. From booking the venue to selecting all of the service providers and making sure everything comes together in the end – it’s pretty stressful. Our advice is to drop the stress and opt for something more intimate and romantic. Some girls love planning and organizing, other’s don’t. If planning isn’t something that appeals to you, there is nothing wrong with giving it a skip and eloping in a beautiful, tranquil setting. Planning an elopement is a piece of cake, compared to a full-fledged wedding. Contact a trustworthy coordinator to take care of the little details and planning for you.


Image Source: Alex Dimos 

6. Time-Limitations

Weddings usually take around a year to plan. This is because most venues are booked a year in advance. So your first step will be to book a venue, and then take things from there. However, what if you don’t have a year to plan? What if the wedding needs to happen within the next 2 months? Perhaps your husband is in the army or one of you is leaving the country and would like to tie the knot beforehand…The easiest option would be to elope. Book two tickets, get married, enjoy the warm Mexican sun and order a few margaritas.

best elopement photographers

Elopement photography by Cara Mia

7. Cut the Family Drama

These days, Facebook serves as a travel journal. We find ourselves in a culture where everyone is travelling (which is amazing). However, what this also means is that more and more families and friendships are splitting up. You know how it goes, your brother found a job in America and now lives there with his wife and your best friend is teaching English in Thailand. The question is – where to hold the wedding? What if you meet someone from overseas? Should you get married in South Africa or in their country? Picking a wedding destination gets really complicated and the truth is that you’re not going to make everyone happy. So rather put your own happiness first and decide on an option that is best for you as a couple. Your friends and family will understand (or get over it, eventually.)

city wedding johannesburg elopement

Image: Pickle Photography

8. And All Other Drama, For That Matter

Who needs all the drama anyway? As we’ve already mentioned, you’re never going to make everyone happy. Who is going to make it on your guest list? Do your parents have any say in the wedding? What if you only want three bridesmaids but then someone gets left out? What if your grandmother really wants you to wear her dress but you had something else in mind? There are so many emotions and opinions to consider when planning a wedding. If you elope, you won’t have to worry about any of these little things.


Image Source: Before the Knot 

9. Focus On What You Really Want (Party After)

Eloping is risky because you don’t want to disappoint the people in your life, right? How are you going to break the news to your parents and your best friends? Of course, they will want to celebrate with you. Well, what we love about an elopement is that you’re still able to have a celebration afterwards. You can have an intimate and romantic ceremony with your sweetheart and then have a celebration afterwards with all of your friends and family.


Image by: Nicole Daacke Photography 

10. Fewer Things to Worry About

A ceremony of two people is way easier to manage than a big wedding with. It’ll be very hard for something to go wrong on the day. Big weddings are filled with stress from start to finish – will the service providers pitch on time? Will the service staff mess up? Will someone object during the ceremony? The last one is just a joke, but choosing to elope will ensure that you have the perfect day that you’ve always dreamed of – just better.

Image Source: Green Wedding Shoes

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