Wedding Photos – How to Pose

Most of us are quite uncomfortable in front of a camera and we don’t know how to pose. The last thing you want is to look awkward on your wedding photos. Follow these tips to get the best out of your wedding pictures!

9 Tips on How To Pose:

1. Golden Rule – Get Comfortable! Your photographer might ask you to change positions often. Make sure you feel comfortable in any pose or adjust until you do. If you feel uneasy, it will show in your photos.

2. Stand up straight. Proper posture looks so much better than slouching and it also makes you look a lot slimmer and graceful.

3. Never stand square to the camera. Put the one foot in front of the other, one shoulder a bit forward and turn the hips towards the camera.

4. A side glance is much more alluring than a head-on shot. Turn your face away from the camera ever so slightly and look at the camera with just your eyes.Wedding Photography Tips - How to PoseWedding Photography Tips How to Pose

5. Avoid a double chin by keeping your shoulders down and back and lifting your chin slightly. A great trick is to press your tongue against the roof of your mouth just before the shot is taken.

6. Always put more weight on one leg than on the other. This will help you feel more relaxed in your posture. Your photographer will tell you if you need to change your leg position.

7. Tummy in, chest out, shoulders back and down, long next. A slouching bride looks unkept. Get that regal look going!

8. Place a hand on your hip – this will make you look slimmer. Just remember not to tense your shoulders up.

9. What about the groom? Have his body angled, hand(s) in the pockets with a casual natural stance. His chin should be lifted and proud.Wedding Photography Tips How to PoseWedding Photography Tips How to Pose

Check out our Wedding Photo Tips board on Pinterest.

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