Live Streaming Your Wedding

Live streaming weddings

The discussion around live streaming weddings have become more and more popular as restrictions have come into place since the covid pandemic and the industry has quickly jumped at the opportunity to make it easy for couples to include this into their planning and budget without it having a major effect on their budget.

In this blog we advise how to make live streaming as interactive as possible to those tuning in, breakdown the various platforms available and discuss the points you need to discuss with your production team before booking them.

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Make it as interactive as possible

Arrange to have some bubbles and snacks delivered to your guest’s houses the day before or the morning of the live stream. Maybe a nice cheese platter with some clear instructions like, “Ensure the bubbly and cheese is kept nice and cool in the fridge until 2 PM and taken out just before the ceremony goes like at 2:30 PM. Make sure your WIFI has a secure connection and you are on the official Page a few minutes before starting time to ensure you don’t miss a thing!”

The nice thing about social platforms is you have a comment section which means family and friends can leave their thoughts and congratulations which you can read afterward and interact with each other as the ceremony proceed. You can also set a “Watch Party” which can create another form of unity while everyone is physically apart.

Platform options

Live streaming your wedding in 2021 is definitely the way to go! The best thing about live streaming your wedding is that family and friends can watch it on their mobile phones or on their Smart TVs. You can live stream from your mobile phone to Youtube or Facebook. The only problem with Youtube is you would need at least 1 000 subscribers on your YouTube channel in order to live stream.

The quick, easiest, and most cost-effective option would be if somebody present at the wedding would hold a smart phone and stream to a Facebook profile or Facebook Page. However, if you stream from your phone you might pick up some issues especially when you want to get some close-up shots of the bride and groom.

For example, the pastor is preaching but the speaker of the audio is all the way at the back so you get beautiful imaging but the sound quality is not that great. However, there’s also a professional way to do it. You get professional production teams who can all plugin and set up the technicalities at the ceremony so that your guests can literally be part of your wedding. With this option, you get multiple angles with moving cameras and the sound is straight from the mixing desk which is giving you a professional quality live stream. This option is a bit more expensive but so worth it.


Questions to ask your Production Team

When shopping around for your production team that’s going to live stream your wedding there are a few questions you have to ask before laying down a deposit and booking them. Questions like:

  1. How many camera angles are you able to supply on the day?
  2. Can you supply the audio feed?
  3. Can you get the audio feed from the DJs desk?
  4. Will you be streaming in HD or Full HD?
  5. Can you supply a backup internet connection?

If venues are located behind mountains you can be sure cellphone reception will be very poor which means you will have to check with the venue whether they have fibre; if not streaming would be nearly impossible. Remember: Internet connection is the main part of live streaming your wedding!

Need more information?

Our friends over at The Nut Farm wrote a similar blog about Live Streaming Your Wedding

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