How to Choose the Best Videographer for Your Wedding Day

Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are plenty of elements to consider. Some elements may seem more important than others – in our opinion, a videographer is one of the most important elements that is going to play a role in your big day. It’s without saying that these are the memories that are going to last forever. These are going to be the moments you look back on and cherish forever, so it’s important that you select vendors who are reliable and who are able to capture the moment perfectly. Now, where to start? These are a few tips to consider when selecting your wedding videographer!

1. Watch lots of Videos

Different wedding videographers capture the moment differently according to their own personal style. So it’s important to do your research and figure out what type of style you like. Do you want your wedding video to be dark and moody or lighthearted and quirky? It’s super important to watch as many videos as possible to see who and what you like. Do you like the type of lighting/music which the videographer is incorporating into their videos? What type of atmosphere would you like your video to have?

2. Ask what they Cover

It’s really important to have a thorough chat with your wedding videographer to discuss your expectations. You might think that just because they’re the expert, they’ll cover all the important points. However, everyone has different preferences to make sure that you express yours before the time in order to avoid disappointment. Maybe footage of getting ready before the time isn’t important to you at all but the ceremony is the most important – you would want your videographer to know this so that he/she can focus on it. Also, ask them about what they usually cover, maybe they have a really great structure and flow that appeals to you. Bottom line: communication, communication, communication!wedding-capture-momentImage source: Koringkriek Wedding Photography

3. Ask How Long the Videos are

The standard is usually a short highlights clip as well as a longer video. Again, it’s important to ask all of these questions to avoid disappointment and clarify expectations. Talk about what you want them to focus on and discuss what type of video you would like to have.

wedding-videographer-weddingImage source: Koringkriek Wedding Photography

4. Get Reviews

Plenty of wedding videographers will have comments and reviews on their Facebook pages or their websites, read the reviews to see how previous clients felt about their experience. It’s also helpful to ask friends/families/Facebook groups if they have any suggestions! The reason for this is because your wedding videographer will be capturing a very special and intimate moment in your life – so not only do they have to be talented, but they also have to make you feel comfortable. This means that you want a videographer who has a personality that can gel well with yours on the day!wedding-videographer-tasteImage source: Koringkriek Wedding Photography

1. Skimp on the Price

So we mentioned that some wedding elements are more important than other – although everybody will have their own objective opinion about this, we truly believe that a wedding videographer is important enough to spend a little bit more of the budget on. You really don’t want to go with the cheapest option and then be disappointed for weeks after your wedding. If that’s the case – you may as well just not get a videographer at all and save yourself the money. So, our suggestion is to look at your budget and figure out how much you can spend on the wedding videographer and go with the one who you feel confident about! You will be watching this video quite a few times – trust us. So, essentially, you want the day to be captured with grace, love and perfection!videographer-moodyImage source: Pinterest 

2. Worry about the techy stuff

Okay, okay, we know you want to do all your research, but you don’t have to worry too much about how the actual tech side of it works. They are the professionals, they know what they’re doing. All you have to know is:

  • Do you like their work?
  • Do you trust them to do a good job?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Have you discussed your expectations with them?

wedding-sunset-videographerImage source: Sascha Kraemer

3. Micro-manage

If you have done all your homework, you should know that they know what they’re doing and you should feel confident that they will do a good job. So don’t try and micromanage on your wedding day, they are the experts and they know what looks good and what looks bad. So just trust them and relax. Besides, if you let them do their job and you just enjoy the moment, the video will come out stunningly!wedding-videography-atmosphereImage source: Thaoski

4. Worry about Location

Don’t worry too much about finding a videographer in your area. Most videographers are willing to travel, just remember that they have been working in the wedding industry for a long time so they know how these things work. Find a videographer who you truly love, no matter where they are based! For example, your videographer might be located in Stellenbosch and your wedding is at Bosjes Wedding Venue in Breede River Valley. Yes, it’s a two-hour drive to get there but chances are that your videographer has probably shot there before and they will be more than willing to shoot there again.

videographer-bosjesImage source: Pink Book Weddings

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