10 Fun Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

So you and the love of your life just got engaged. Finally! The wedding planning journey which lays ahead of you is going to be exhilarating- deciding on a menu, picking that perfect wedding dress and finding your fairytale venue. These are all factors to look forward to, and each one of them is as important as the next in order to ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams. However, before you start all the wedding planning, why not capture your newly engaged status with a fun photo shoot? Now smile for the camera!

10 Fun Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

1. Find a really unique building

Some couples want their engagement photos to have a theme, others dream of having something more traditional and romantic. Traditional photos will, without a doubt, always look timeless: looking into each other’s eyes, kissing and holding hands. However, if you want a quirky element, a fun photo shoot idea will be to find a really unique building.engagement photo shoot ideas

While many couples choose to do outdoor shots with a natural setting, indoors at-home sessions are becoming more popular and make for some crazily adorable photos. Being in your natural habitat is a great way to get comfortable and cozy in front of the camera.

ideas for engagement shootImage by RDK Photography 

2. Take a dip in the water

The beach is a great setting for a fun shoot! t’s beautiful at any time of day – plus, it’s super romantic. Go to the beach at sunrise or sunset – trust us, your photos will be just incredible! A night beach engagement is also fantastic, just imagine how you’ll look in the light of candle lanterns. Taking some photos in the ocean with the one you love can only promise some beautiful photographs. Don’t be scared to get a little wet! engagement shoot ideas

3. Go with a fun and creative theme

Themes immediately add a bit of quirkiness and lightheartedness to your photos. Here, you can get as creative as you want! The sky truly is the limit. If you want, you can even bring in some props and costumes to really get into character. Is there a common hobby which the two of you love to do together? If you’re both foodies, hit up your favourite restaurant, or if you love cooking, bring out the baking bowl and blender. Perhaps you two met in Italy and you want to incorporate an Italian theme into your shoot.

4. Play around with props

Another fun idea is bringing props to your location, such as a picnic basket, balloons, or even your dog to help personalise your photo. Props are really fun because they allow for really creative and unique photo opportunities! We love the idea of a bicycle, it’s sweet and romantic. It also keeps you and your loved one busy in the photoshoot, which means that you will come out with a greater variety of photos. Couples who don’t incorporate a fun element into their photoshoot may feel like they are running out of poses/ideas very quickly.

5. Have your pets feature in the shoot

Bringing your pet to the set can be a really fun option! If you’re a dog owner, take this opportunity to show off your pooch. In addition, plenty of couples buy a puppy or a kitten together before getting married.  This is a great way to include your furry family members. It is something you and your fiancée will remember and cherish forever. If you really want to get creative, have your pet wear a sign around its neck reading “My humans are getting married!” This playful idea makes great save the date photos!

6. Pick a unique location

Choosing the right location is a key element of a great photoshoot. Are there any spots significant to your relationship? Take cute photos at the café where you had your first date or against the skyline of the city you both call home. Locations can ensure that you come out with photos which are one of a kind! Find a place which reflects both of your interests or your style. Locations will also help dictate what you should wear, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. For example, an autumn background in the park may call for a more casual outfit, while a foreign city, such as Paris, may elicit a more formal dress. The important thing is making sure you and your partner are dressed similarly (but not matchy-matchy) for a cohesive look.

engagement shoot posesImage from De’Jeauna Pouncy

7. Remember the season

Use the season to your advantage. If it’s autumn, find a spot where the trees create a warm and copper background behind you and your partner. Use the springtime to your advantage as the flowers blossom and bloom around you! Winter? It’s amazing how a fresh blanket of snow can make a grey day look so incredibly romantic. Find a snowy spot and have some fun in the snow! Having a snow fight adds a majorly playful vibe to your photographs. Bonus: you’ll have the kind of healthy glow you just can’t fake with makeup. We love this idea!

8. Go on an adventure

Pick a location with panoramic views of the mountain ranges or the ocean. You could also shoot at a river or a waterfall. The options are endless, nature is oh-so-romantic. You’ve got greenery, chirping birds, maybe even a field of flowers. The photoshoot can start as you hike your way to your favourite spot. Maybe this is where you two had your first date, or where you go every Sunday afternoon. Photography with a beautiful setting is never a bad idea.engagement shoot cape town

9. Go with a cool concept

Allow a concept to inspire you when brainstorming fun ideas! For the couples who don’t mind getting dirty, the photo below was inspired by “pillow fights.” “Colourful powder fight” is another example of a creative concept idea which you can incorporate. With this, the sky is the limit! You can be completely creative and unique, showcasing both your personalities.

engagement shoot fun

10. Communicate through your photos

Many couples have little boards or hearts in their photoshoots which read “save the date.” Others read “I asked” and, “I said yes!” Incorporating sayings or phrases into your shoot is a fun and playful way of conveying a certain message. Others may include “The hunt is over,” or “Our journey starts here.” This allows your photographs to speak for themselves!

Whichever way you do it, these beautiful couple photos will be something that you can keep and cherish forever. A beautiful photo is timeless and a great way to capture precious memories.

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