How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

There are 100’s of lovely wedding venues out there to choose from. But where do you start? When looking at the different options out there you have to answer a few questions:

5 Questions To Answer Before You Choose Your Wedding Venue:

  1. How many guests will I have?
  2. Do they offer accommodation?
  3. Do I want extra accommodation?
  4. How much am I willing to spend?
  5. What needs to be included? – decor, food, etc.

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beautiful wedding venues

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These are the most important questions. There are many more questions like, how to do the glasses, cutlery, crockery and linen look and if it is included. What furniture is included, how long do we have to set-up and breakdown, how is the electricity for extra light, how expensive is the bar and their wines… and much more.

Now you ask: How do we get all this information? You do not only ask for the date on your first email. You send them a list of all your questions. Ask them if your date is open. If not, if they have alternative dates open and then list all your questions. When they then get back to you, you can make an informed decision and create a short list to view.

Small extras to remember: If you choose a week-day or winter time you can often get a good discount. When the venue suggests for instance 100 guests maximum. Do not try for 120 and think it will be fine. It will not. You will have cramped spaces, waiters brushing against people and an uncomfortable wedding. Trust the venue about this. They know their venue! Only view venues that you can afford, that are available and answered all your questions.

how to choose your wedding venue 

Happy hunting and enjoy the time. If you like a venue, spent as much time as possible there to get the feeling. Drink a cup of tea or glass of wine and just sit back and let the venue talk with you.

Written by Barry Geyer – L’Avenir Wine

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