Wedding Night Jitters – Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve planned your wedding, you stressed about the big things and the small things – and now the big day is here. But have you thought about what happens after the celebration? It’s a custom heavy with tradition – the Wedding Night. Whether you have experience in this field or not, your wedding night is different and special. It signals the start of your married life together. And this is where you start stressing all over again, right? What if it’s not good? What if it’s disappointing? What if it doesn’t happen? These questions are the last thing you should be thinking about, it will only make your wedding night jitters worse. We’re here to help with a couple of basic Do’s and Don’ts to avoid getting stressed out after your big day.Wedding Night Jitters Do's and Don'ts


Eat before you leave the reception if you can, and ensure there is food ready in your room in case. If you don’t think about food before you leave before the night, you will be ravenous. You probably wouldn’t have eaten all day, and that will have an effect on your energy levels. Try to eat when your guests eat – but many couples don’t find the time to eat during the reception so you have to prepare for that. You can ask the caterer to pack you some food and take it with you or ask your Maid of Honour to arrange with your hotel or B & B for snacks to be placed in your room before you get there.


Firstly, do not drink too much alcohol. There are horror stories out there about the bride or groom being so drunk they passed out before they even got to their room. This is not ideal obviously, plus you don’t want to wake up with a hangover. Secondly, make sure you drink plenty of water during the reception, to counteract the effects of the alcohol.


Don’t forget that it takes a long time to get into your wedding attire. Getting out of it will take time too. Expect to spend a little bit of time to get all the buttons and frills loosened.

Put your hair down

If you have opted for any type of up style, you will surely have a million hair grips holding everything in place. Be sure to remove them before you go to bed. The last thing you want is excruciating pain from your hair being pulled into knots by the grips.

Expectation is key

Forget what you’ve seen in romantic films. This will only set you up for disappointment. Be realistic in your expectations and don’t set the bar too high for yourself or your partner.

Set the mood

Have the room prepared in a romantic fashion. Normally the hotel itself will do so if they are aware that you are newlyweds, but it’s good to ask. Think about candles, flowers, soft music and champagne. These are all things that will get the romance going. You can also ask someone in your wedding party, like your Maid of Honour, to arrange all these fixings.

Dress to impress

While you might not have worn the sexiest underwear under your wedding gown – this is obviously where you need practical over pretty, you should consider buying a special lingerie set especially for the wedding night that will make you feel like a goddess.

Call it a night

As much as you might be tempted to stay with your guests as late as you can, and keep the party going, try to leave the reception at a reasonable hour. If you party until dawn you will surely be too exhausted to even get out of your gown, much less anything else.

Location, Location, Location

Try to book your wedding night accommodation as close to the venue as possible, so you don’t have to drive too far. If you have a long drive just to get to your honeymoon suite, your energy levels may have dropped and you might be tempted to just get some sleep. You should also arrange that your luggage and necessities are already in your room when you get there so you don’t have to spend time looking for it when you leave the reception.

Finally, if it happens that the night comes and you’re too tired, too full, too tipsy – that’s okay too. Planning a wedding is stressful and can be exhausting. You might find that you just don’t have the energy – and that’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean the rest of your marriage is doomed, don’t feel guilty or pressured. In fact, more than 50% of couples don’t go the full mile on their actual wedding night. Just enjoy being married, that’s the ultimate goal anyway.

Check out our Wedding Night Jitters board on Pinterest.

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