Bridal Hair & Makeup Advice

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1.Bridal Hair & Makeupbridal-hair-and-makeup-look-dark

When you go for your Bridal Hair & Makeup it would be best to start off by getting reference photos of wedding hair and makeup images that you like. Use resources like Pinterest and Instagram or YouTube, but be warned! Majority of the time these wedding hair and makeup looks are overly edited so that’s something you need to watch out for cautions Leandré van Rooyen.

A great wedding makeup and hair artist will 100% be able to tell you if your references photos are edited. A normal person might think that this is how you should look after your hair and makeup is done. It’s impossible to make your pores disappear and your wrinkles disappear after you had makeup done. So it’s really important to have a good look at a wedding hair and makeup artists portfolio before making your decision.

2.What is YOUR look and feel?

When you are a bride-to-be you need to look for the type of wedding hair and makeup you would like to have done for your wedding day. Some artists makeup more heavy-handedly while others work more naturally. So be sure to ask yourself whether you want a more natural look or do you want the more heavy dramatic makeup? That’s completely up to you.



Image sourced from: Leandré van Rooyen

When it comes to references; it’s considered more important than a portfolio. Your best friend for example, won’t send you to someone that did a bad job on them right? They will always tell you, “…go to this person. She’s amazing! She made me look so so beautiful!” Rather go on reference or go meet the artist and have a trial to see the artists’ work on yourself.

4.Part-time versus full-time hair and makeup artists

When it comes to the work of a part-time wedding hair and makeup artist and full-time artist, these days, there’s not much of a difference. Realistically, it will come down to your budget. A part-time artist will charge you a little less because it’s not their main point of income where the professional would charge more because that is what they do to ensure a regular income.


5.2-in-1 artist

Some artists might be more confident in just doing makeup while others will be more confident in just doing hair. “I started with just doing makeup and then gradually I started doing hair as well to make it easier for the client. That’s the main focus to make it as simple and as easy for the client so that they don’t have to book a separate makeup artist and a separate hair stylist but book both in one,” advises Leandré.

6.Salon or traveling hair and makeup artist

It is best to book a wedding hair and makeup artist to work on-site at your preparation venue rather than you having to go to a salon. If for example, you say start crying or you have red lipstick all over your face because you accidentally wiped your hand, the makeup artist is right there with you to fix it. Where if you go to a salon having your hair and makeup done there. Then walking away you take the risk of having to fix any hair and makeup issues that might occur.

7.What and who is the back-up plan?

It is so important to have a back-up plan when it comes to your wedding hair and makeup on the day. Any professional hair and makeup artist will have a back-up plan. You should be sure to confirm this with them before paying your deposit. It’s hard because it’s something that is out of their hands, they can’t help it they get sick but it’s also out of your hands and your wedding is taking place on that day regardless. That’s why it is really important to find out who the person will be that the hair and makeup artist will send to you if something should happen to them on that day.

8.Skin- and hair types

A hair and makeup artist has to know what skin you have and what hair type you have. It comes back to an artist that might not be that confident in working with ethnic hair and darker skin tones. “It’s going to be much harder for me on the day to do a hairstyle on ethnic hair then it would on the Caucasian hair. Because I’m not used to it and will take much longer for that hair and makeup artist to do hair and makeup look on you. If they are not confident in what they are doing on you because they’re not comfortable on working on your skin and hair.” – Leandré van Rooyen

9.Who’s paying?

When it comes to paying for the bridal hair & makeup and that of the bridal party Leandré says, “…80% to 90% of my clients it’s the bride that usually pays for hair and makeup of the bridal party. Sometimes the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom will pay for it and I have to say 10% of the cases the bridal party pays for their own hair and makeup.”

Considering doing your own makeup on the day? Then have a look at this amazing video by Leandré herself:

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