Amazing Bridal Skin Care Tips

How to get a Healthy Skin with Proper Skin Care

We used to think that all of our skincare problems could get a quick fix with top-of-the-range cosmetics. Today we know that our skin reflects our health and mirrors the state of our gut. This is why, the first point of action, is to address the inner inflammation. You will not believe the difference it can make to your skin tone, texture and youthful radiance – not to mention sky-rocketing energy levels, very much needed for your wedding preparations!

Skin Care Juice
Skin Care Yoga

Where do you start? Firstly, eliminate (or at least reduce) the usual suspects from your diet: sugar, dairy, gluten and any processed foods. My favourite trick for quick hydration and nourishment is making daily fresh fruit and vegetable juices – they pack a potent vitamin and mineral punch, and are beautifully anti-oxidising. And don’t forget to sweat it out regularly! Exercise will not only cinch your waist for that wedding dress but also help detox and tone the skin all over your body. Alright! Now, you’re ready to master our simple yet effective skincare routine.

5 Step Skin Care Routine:

    Think of it as preparing the blank canvas to allow all your products to penetrate deeper. Do this twice a week before you go to bed by splashing a little bit of warm water on your skin and scrub, start by focusing on the rough, dry patches of skin and gently exfoliate in an upward, circular motion.

  2. TONE IT UP!

    Rebalance your skin’s natural Ph levels that were stripped during cleansing. Combine a teaspoon of lemon juice in half a cup of water. Apply with a cotton ball and rinse after 5 minutes. This lemon water toner will restore skin’s pH balance as well as kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. The citric acid will also fight fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne.


    Do a quick Face Yoga routine to oxygenate all the skin cells and tighten all (43) your facial muscles.


    Apply a light moisturiser (face + neck) – first, by dabbing it on, then gently spread it with upward movements.


    Go for Factor 50 minimum, rain or shine – ageing UVBs are always lurking outside!

  6. MAKE-UP

    Choose one feature of your face to focus on and make it stand out.

Skin Care FaceBridal Makeup Skin Care
Bridal Makeup on the Day:

Gone are the days of plastering on layers and layers of foundation and powders. Although you want to look flawless on your Big Day, your skin (your canvas) needs to be flawless to start with. Prepare by following the 5 step skincare routine outlined above, and choose which area you’d like to highlight on the day: your eyes or your lips – but not both. A bold smoky eye look will go great with a softer lip colour, while gentle eye makeup gives you the green light to make those lips pop with vibrant colour! The concealer and foundation come last so that mascara and eye-shadow don’t stain it. Finish by blending everything seamlessly. Choose lighter skin-natural tones and build up the glow with some bronzer and soft natural blusher. Remember: less is more! You can always touch up throughout the evening, but smudged cakey makeup is more tricky to fix!Bridal MakeupHi Beautiful Skin Care


Klara Coetzee is the founder of MYHRU wellness and skincare brand in South Africa. She supports natural skincare and healthy ageing, by using anti-ageing solutions in a balanced holistic way: high-quality but straight-forward, preventative and restorative skincare, as well as a healthy lifestyle. She is a passionate wellness writer.

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