13 Skincare Tips by Alicia Buckle

Bridal Skincare Routine & Tips

A makeup artist can do a lot with foundations, but the one thing they can’t do is improve the texture of your skin. In this video Alicia Buckle shares excellent advice on how to take care of your skin before your wedding. If you invest in your bridal skincare for 28 days, you will see proper results.

1. Facial Peels:

This treatment is extremely good for your skin, especially in the winter. It is recommended to go for about six treatments in total. This will help with fine lines, texture, big pores and signs of ageing. For this Alicia suggests Dermapen as her go-to treatment.


2. Bridal Skincare Routine:

Even though this is a very expensive routine to maintain, your skin is very important and it is recommended to stay on a good skincare routine. Find products that work best for your skin even if it takes some time; it’s worth the investment.


3. Fillers And Botox:

If you have any scars or bite marks on your skin, fillers and botox will definitely help to take them away or at least make them lighter.


4. Lashes:

Even though lashes line up your eye Alicia recommends not to do lashes for your wedding before discussing it with your makeup artist. Makeup Artists can do so much more like build the eye, open up the eye and enlarge it.


5. Body Treatments:

Everyone wants to look their absolute best on their special day. If you have any bumps or cellulite diet just can’t fix, Alica has a few recommendations on clinics that specialize in treatments such as fat freezing and cellulite treatments.


6. Soft Cleanser:

This needs to be as soft and natural as possible. You don’t want something that can possibly harm or dry out your skin.


7. Exfoliator:

This is the one product that Alica believes makes the biggest difference. A proper exfoliator is the one product that takes away dead skin cells, makes your pores smaller, gets rid of underlining congesting and works brilliantly on your pigmentations.

8. Use Your Product For 28 Days:

Every 28 days new “baby cells” are created and taken to your epidermis. These can die off rather quickly which is why it is important you remove the dead cells with your exfoliator. This ensures your products will work optimally and give the desired effect.

skincare-advice-tips bridal skincare

9. Serum:

Serum really targets the problem areas and is something you need to apply right before you go to sleep. It is interesting to note that every morning between 2AM and 3AM new “baby cells” are created and your cells open up. This is the ideal time your skin needs that serum.

bridal skincare

10. Night Cream:

Your night cream needs to have active ingredients that promote cellular reproduction for that radiant glow when you wake up in the morning.

night-skincare bridal skincare

QMS-skincare-product bridal skincare

11. SPF Sunblock:

In day time Alicia believes it best to just use a proper SPF sunblock to protect your skin from environmental damage and the sun. She recommends Heliocare which has a foundation tint included so you can feel free to skip your foundation in the mornings. Remember; SPF is your BFF!

heliocare-spf-sunblock bridal skincare

12. Vitamins:

Vitamins are very good for plumping up your skin and ensuring you stay hydrated and nourished. Solgar is one of Alicia’s favourite products to recommend to her clients. If you’re not sure where to begin she suggests starting with an Omega 3 capsule and a multivitamin to increase the radiance and wellbeing of your entire body.

13. Don’t wash your face in the morning:

Fun Fact! Your PH levels balance throughout the night while your skin rejuvenates itself with natural oils, so just clean your face with some water every morning before adding your SPF Sunblock.

bridal skincare

Skincare products suggested by Alicia:
  • Lamelle
  • QMS Medicosmetics
  • Skin Ceuticals
  • Neutrogena
  • RegimA
  • Nimue
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