Finding The Perfect Mens Suits

A wedding is without a doubt all about the bride, however, there are “at least” three moments when the groom is the centre of attention. Make sure you and your groomsmen have the perfect men’s suits for your big day!

To Buy or to Hire Mens Suits? 

Of course, budgeting and practical issues play a big part here, however, the rule is simple ‘hire what you are never likely to wear again, buy what you are likely to wear.’ Either option should be done through a reputable supplier where the staff are trained accordingly. [/two_column]

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Different Types of Men’s Suits 

This depends largely on the kind of wedding, time of day, season and colour scheme. If the theme is modern, a slimmer suit would be best, and in darker colours such as black, silver or grey. If the wedding is more traditional and/or formal, then it would be best to go with i.e. tuxedo, black suit tails. Remember the type of wedding which you are having, but don’t forget your own personal style. Being comfortable and confident on the day is the most important-it is your day after all! Another factor to consider is the fabric of the suit. Wool, worsted or wool-blended suits are great quality and maintain their shape over long periods of time. For weddings in the summer months, a linen suit keeps you cool and fresh! If you’re on a budget, however, cotton and polyester suits are both breathable to wear and adhere to a smart look. 

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The Suit Fit 

A well-tailored inexpensive suit will look better than a poor fitting expensive suit. Make sure the suit fits correctly before it leaves the store. But what does it mean for a suit to fit? Well, this is where the clothes conform to your shape with just the right amount of room to let you breathe, while glossing over the unshapely parts if required without adding bulk to your frame. You don’t want to get lost in your clothes but you don’t want to struggle to breathe either! Find that happy medium. 

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How Does the Season Affect Men’s Suits?

A midday wedding may have a more informal feel to it and lightweight fabrics and lighter colours could be worn. Seasons will definitely play a part, and therefore heavier fabrics and waistcoats may be required. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, accessories can be just as important as the suit when it comes to adding some personality to an outfit. Take time to find the perfect additions and ensure they match your suit. Cuff-links add a touch of sophistication whilst a patterned tie can look great against a dark suit. A bright silk tie is ideal for adding a splash of colour to a summer wedding. 

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What Colour Men’s Suits?


There is no reason for a groom to find difficulty in matching the colours to the wedding. If you are specific about colours being exact, then it’s best to find a retailer that stocks both suits and dresses. The “wow” factor must always prevail, even when the jacket comes off.

Standing out in a suit can be done in a variety of different ways. For a subtle difference try different coloured waistcoats to the groomsmen and/or add a different coloured pocket chief to the groom’s suit. Before making your final choice, you need to check on the colours and styles that the remainder of the bridal party is wearing. You should complement the other colours the groomsmen and bridesmaids are wearing or vice versa, depending on who purchased their ceremony garments first. For example, you would not want to wear a suit with a white jacket if your bride was going to wear an ivory or cream-coloured dress. (And of course, you are going to let her select her dress first.) 

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Suit Do’s and Don’ts:


Too much advice is as bad as no advice. Only involve the wedding retinue in the decision making. If you are hiring a suit, make the booking at least 6 – 8 weeks before the event. If you intend buying a suit, give yourself 3 months to look for the perfect fit. Have fun! It only happens once! 


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