5 Tips for Your Wedding Dance

Many couples get nervous about their wedding dance, because they think, “I can’t dance”, or “We don’t dance”, but your first dance doesn’t need to cause you sleepless nights. We’ve got some top tips for you, so you can surprise everyone with your dance moves!

1. Be yourself

Whether you’ve been dancing since you were a child or don’t really dance at all, there is a dance for you. If you and your partner have the skills and guts – go for a dramatic tango or try a few acrobatic moves. If you’re a little uncomfortable when dancing, go with a simple, classic and romantic slow dance. Don’t sign up for anything you don’t feel comfortable with. It’s your wedding dance, enjoy it. wedding dance

2. Invest in some Dancing Lessons

Investing in your first dance is just as important as investing in your wedding dress! Not only is everyone going to see it, but you will always remember how that moment made you feel. Also, you may not have any opportunities to reuse your wedding dress in your future, but you will absolutely have opportunities to dance with your soon to be husband or wife for many years to come!wedding dance

3. Choose the Right First Dance Song

Take some time to find a song with a special meaning for you both. Keep in mind that not all songs are suitable for opening dances, and you should be flexible. Choosing your song first will help determine the pace of your dance.wedding dance

4. Watch some Wedding Dance Videos 

Although it’s important to have some basic choreography down, not all couples can afford to go to dance classes. This isn’t a problem at all! Youtube is filled with all kinds of helpful tips and lessons for the couple who don’t mind learning some moves in their lounge. The upside of this idea is that you can be totally flexible. Want to have a dance lesson at 1 am in the morning? Not a problem! Can’t afford to drive out petrol to go to classes? You don’t need to worry about it if you’re dancing at home!

wedding dance

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Give yourself enough time to practice your first dance to make sure you’re comfortable with it. Set aside sensible times, dance as much as you can and don’t put too much pressure on each other.

At the end of the night, this is a moment for the newlyweds to enjoy. Forget about the moves and the guests, just feel the music and enjoy the moment!wedding dance

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