Wedding Dresses: Prices, Designs and Everything You Need To Know

wedding dresses

Every girl grows up dreaming of walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress. It is no wonder that the moment women get engaged, they start looking at wedding dresses to find that perfect gown, however; it can also become a very overwhelming task, and booking different designers can be costly. To ensure that your designer can create the perfect gown you need to take the following steps into account.

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1. Bride’s Personality:

A bride usually finds inspiration online like Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook and that helps the designer to get a better idea of what type of gown reflects the bride’s personality. The designer will know if the bride likes classic, boho sleek, elegant, edgy, or different. After the designer has seen what the bride likes it enables him/her to make gowns out of their workshop or studio and style you in those specific gowns. If you don’t have a Pinterest board or you are not sure what will suit you best, don’t stress! The designer will find a way to reflect your personality and the final dresses Dress by Rene H Couture

2. The Budget:

The budget that you have to offer will affect what type of dress the designer will be able to provide for you. In the 10 thousand price bracket, it will be a young new designer starting his/her business and working from home. They will put their heart and soul into this dress and that will always show. Going on to 20 thousand average dress; now you’re in the boutique market, so for a 20 thousand dress you can have a designer dress and you will get a dress in a boutique. 30 thousand are still boutiques and designers combined. If you go up, it’s more towards the 70% designers bracket, 30% boutique. Anything from 45 and up is bespoke. You can go up to R60 000 in very selective boutiques, then it’s designer gowns, then it’s dressesDress by Belle Donne Bridal Boutique

3. Bespoke Dresses:

Bespoke is when a client has an entirely new design that they want the designer to create. Usually, you will have a few dresses in mind which you would like to combine. You might want the sleeves from one dress and the skirt of another etc. There are 100’s of styles that have already been done but it’s the combination of putting everything together that makes it your own and that’s how you dress a personality. If your budget does not allow you to have a dress made, it’s recommended to rent a dress. Hiring a dress will work out a quarter or a third of the amount you would pay to have a dress made. When you are looking to rent a dress you need to lower your expectations.

If you can’t find anything that you love in the shops, then having a dress made might be the better option. You have to weigh out the pros and cons. Is budget more important or is it more important that you get what you are 100% happy with? You can always lower the budget in another section, depending on how important the dress is to you. Can you maybe cut on flowers and stationary and are you willing to spend more money on the dress? Or would you rather spend more on food, drinks, and lawn games to have your guests entertained and pay less for your dress?wedding dresses Bespoke Dress by Meliza Meyer Bespoke Designs

4. What to do with your dress after the wedding:

“What do people do with their wedding dress after they get married?” There are quite a few options, you can resell it on gumtree. Facebook even has second-hand wedding dress groups. Some people also privately hire out their wedding dresses. Some shops will buy the dress back from you. Another adorable thing you can do is have a christening gown made for your newborn from pieces of fabric. Some brides enjoy keeping the dress as a sentimental thing. “My favorite though, one of our brides have decided that whenever they have a Sunday braai, she whips out her wedding dress and she’s in front of the braai, sitting on the stoep, with her glass of wine and enjoying the dress and I love it, I think that’s the best use of the wedding dress that you can get afterward!” – Janita ToerienDress by Cinderella’s Closet

Thank you to the amazing designer’s that made this blog possible:

Didi de Wet, Kobus Dippenaar, and Janita Toerien.

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