How Do You Pick The Perfect Wedding Veil?

After saying yes to your perfect wedding dress, the next most exciting part of your wedding attire awaits you; choosing your perfect wedding veil. Brides however usually have no idea how many options they actually have when it comes to different types of wedding veil lengths and styles but luckily we have Yolandi from Bella Bride here to assist you.

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6 Different Veil Lengths

1) Birdcage veil

If your dress doesn’t suit a traditional veil, you might decide to wear a birdcage design instead. Birdcage veils look particularly good if you’re rocking a retro 50s wedding style – you don’t even need to take it off for the evening event if you don’t want to.

2) Blush veil

The next length of veil is a ‘blush’ veil, which is a single layer of tulle that folds over the face when you’re walking down the aisle and is then moved back when you reach the altar.

3) Elbow-length veil

If you want a little more coverage then look at an elbow-length veil, which flows gently down your shoulders. It’s a gorgeous length that doesn’t distract from your dress but is still elegant.

4) Fingertip veil

A fingertip veil is a versatile choice for brides-to-be as it works with most styles of wedding dress, from a simple column gown through to something more ornate. It’s the most popularly chosen veil.

5) Chapel length

A chapel length veil flows down the length of your wedding dress and it’s one to think about if you’re having a more formal wedding in a church.

6) Cathedral length

On the other hand, you might want to go all out on your wedding day and have a cathedral-length veil trailing behind you as you process up the aisle. This is a dramatic look and it usually matches the length of your train of your wedding dress. If you’re having a very formal wedding then this might suit you, but remember the veil is going to obscure the back of your wedding dress to a certain extent.

Top tips:

  • Your veil should not overpower your dress in any way
  • Most woman decide to wear a veil – over 65% of brides in fact
  • Cathedral-length veils work well on both tall and short woman
  • Fingertip veils look best on tall woman as they make small woman look shorter
  • Shoulder length veils work on any height of bride
  • If you’re wearing a blush veil keep it further forward so it doesn’t smear your lipstick
  • Think about the decoration of your veil carefully. If you’re wearing a very plain and simple dress, then you could have a more ornate veil decorated with crystals, pearls and embroidery.

Top 10 Wedding Veil Styles

1. Glam Embellishments:

A subtle twist to the normal classic cathedral veil, glam embellished veils assures you the sparkle you need to polish off your wedding look perfectly. The amount of glam you want to be embellished onto your veil is totally up to you. Some brides go with big stones and patterns that coordinate with their gowns. Other brides like to keep it simple with only a sparkle here and there. Either way, glam embellished veils are sure to make a spectacular impact on your wedding style.

2. The Juliet Cap:

This particular wedding veil style will suit a bride looking to add a dramatic touch to her wedding look, gorgeously. The Juliet cap can be worn with many different decorations because of its simplicity. This type of veil is extremely fun to play around like adding flowers or extra lace and rhinestones to it. Ultimately, this look is very romantic and mature. Wearing a Juliet cap will be sure to knock your Romeo right off his feet when walking down the aisle.

Photos by: Love My Dress (First) Blair Nadeau (Second)

3. The Lace Veil:

Lace is just one of those materials that will never go out of style. Lace can be elegant, sophisticated and fun all at the same time. As the bride, it is your artistic choice whether you want the entire veil to consist of lace or just want to add a few pieces onto it. If your dress already has lace patterns embroidered on, you can use the same pattern on your veil. The magic about a lace veil is that it can transform a very plain dress into a trendy, beautiful wedding style.

Images from Pexels

4. The Halo Veil:

This look is sure to transform any bride into a Greek goddess! With the crown-like headpiece to secure the draped veil over your entire body, this look can do nothing but compliment your elegance. Just imagine yourself strolling down the aisle with a sweeping material that covers you, fluttering in the wind. What a beautiful image. This style works extremely well with a plain, loose-fitting dress because it covers your entire silhouette.

Picture from Unsplash

5. The Pearl Drop Veil:

This veil is very popular in a single layer because it is just beautiful and eye-catching. The pearls add amazing detail if you have a simplistic dress; so if you are looking for a sophisticated look that is really simple and minimalistic this is the perfect option.

Images from Pinterest

6. Extravagant Appliqués:

These veils are definitely for brides seeking to make a fashion statement on their wedding day. And why not? Your wedding day is the one day of your entire life that you’re allowed to go all-out and wear whatever you feel most beautiful in. If you want an Extravagant Appliqué, adding amounts of flowers to your veil is the way to go. You can incorporate your wedding bouquet flowers into your veil or just tone it down with some white flowers. This type of veil is extremely long and works best if your wedding gown is plainer, so you don’t distract from any other details of your wedding look.Images from Pinterest

7. The Bubble Blusher:

The bubble blusher is such a fun style to work with. Eccentric brides love these veils because it adds just the right amount of perkiness to a very sophisticated event. These veils work with retro-inspired looks and adding some red lipstick to your makeup would absolutely make this veil look right at home on top of your head. This bubbled veil would be sure to keep all eyes on you, just as it should be.

Image Sources: The Yellow Peony (First) Pinterest (Second)

8. The Classic Cathedral Veil:

A veil that is sure to complement your every move. Any bride would feel no less than royal when wearing this beautifully layered veil. This classic look is absolutely timeless and works well with any hairstyle.

Images from Pinterest

9. The Sophisticated Blusher:

We love the sexiness of this veil. And although it’s a sexy veil, as the name hints, it still stays very sophisticated. What more would you want? This veil works wonders with a classical updo because of the subtlety both styles represent. It’s the absolute perfect veil for a trendsetting bride.

Images by Chic Vintage Brides (First) Pinterest (Second)

10. The New Mantilla Veil:

Doesn’t this veil just remind you of the perfect medieval wedding look? This drop-dead gorgeous style will have your wedding party swooning over your wedding look for ages. Using this veil would mean no updo hairstyles though, because of the way it covers your head. No problem, beautiful soft locks or a loose braid is anyway what you want when deciding on a new Mantilla veil.

Image by April Ann Photography (First)

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