Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

Getting married in the Winter is becoming a popular choice for brides since many of the suppliers offer Winter discounts and lowered rates. But, think about the other advantages of getting married in the winter – it’s cosy and romantic, people tend to huddle closer together when it is cold, resulting in a much more intimate celebration. And of course, you wouldn’t need to worry about overheating in your gorgeous gown. With that in mind, you should also think about all the stunning options you have for your decor. To inspire you, we have collected the very best Winter Wedding Decor Ideas.

It’s all about the outdoors

If it’s cold outside and the bulk of your wedding will be taking place indoors, incorporate elements of flora and botanicals into your decor. Think temporary wallpaper – creating a beautiful focus wall or backdrop, lush greenery to create table decor accessories and indoor plants. Indoor plants tend to grow well year-round, so adding big pot plants like Delicious Monsters, Ferns, and Palms will add a comfortable and luscious atmosphere.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas

Keep it Local

Support South African products by sourcing Local Produce and South African Artisanal Products. Visit your local farmers market and purchase gorgeous hearty vegetables to incorporate into your table decor. Think lovely artichokes, butternuts, gem squashes, and pumpkins. These vegetables arranged in beautiful glass containers can look glorious on your tables. Show off goodies collected on your local travels and that hold special memories. Buy items that suit your theme from markets and stalls you visit. This is a great way to collect treasured pieces that you can display even long after the wedding, but also to support local suppliers. If you start early and purchase bit-by-bit, the financial blow won’t be severe.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas


The geometric trend is definitely not new, however, you can really push the envelope with this theme. Instead of incorporating an element here and there, go big! Create a bold backdrop with a geometric look by using our Origami DIY Crane tutorial to make long strings of paper cranes and hanging them close together. Make Origami Vase Covers to add a geometric element to your tables. We really encourage you to push it further – don’t be scared! Cover your table in a geometric print, use a geometric fabric to have table runners made, your only limit is your imagination. There is a specific trend within the geometric theme though, and that is a focus on wood and cement elements. Try to incorporate these when planning your wedding decor.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas

Mineral Beauty

Minerals are making a huge splash this year and can be quite easy to add to your wedding decor. Visit your local holistic market or store to find a variety of minerals. They are available in an array of colours and sizes, not to mention shapes. They can even be incorporated into a Geometric theme, the shapes will fuse nicely with that theme. Untreated semi-precious stones are all the rage right now and are really not that expensive. Blocks of Quartz and Malachite can easily become statement pieces in your wedding decor, minimising the need for many other elements. As an added bonus, they come in a variety of colours, including Pantone Serenity and (aptly named) Rose Quartz.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas


Sustainability is the buzzword across all industries and the wedding industry is no exception. People are constantly looking for ways in which to reduce their carbon footprint and be kinder to nature. There is absolutely no reason why your wedding decor couldn’t (or shouldn’t) keep these ideals in mind – lean towards repurposed, reused or reinvented products. You can find all sorts of treasures at second-hand shops and markets. Use Succulents as they are a really self-sustaining plant, don’t need a lot of water and can easily be grown. Collect wine corks and make cute table decor items. You could even source bamboo cutlery and plates – these can be recycled after the wedding allowing you to do your part for the environment.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas

Pretty Pendants

The quickest way to transform a room is by utilising light. We’ve been seeing a lot of the “naked bulb” trend, and we love it, but you can do so much more! There is such a wide variety of options available. You can have a mixture of naked bulbs and fairy lights strewn across the ceiling, or hiring domed pendant lights for a more minimalist and industrial look.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas

Traditional Tableware

Brides love to bring an element of nostalgia into their wedding decor, and what better way by using family heirlooms and well-loved serveware. Grandma’s gravy boats and footed bowls can be re-purposed with flowers in them, or you could most definitely have your caterer serve your meal and accompaniments to add a touch of old-world charm. You could also ask all the grannies and aunts for their antique cutlery, and use it for a quirky, mismatched table setting.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas

Mixed Metals

We’ve been seeing a lot of metal elements used in weddings, but usually brides stick to one type. A new trend is to mix and match different sort of metals to create depth and texture. Platinum, Gold, Copper and Steel all work well together and can be used on your tables. Find different shapes and sizes containers in different metals to arrange your flowers in to create a three-dimensional effect.Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

A Delft Touch

Delft is definitely a style that we adore. It reminds of old-world luxury and high society but is also a very clean palette. The blue and white is an airy combination and will bring a lightness to your decor. Since Delftware is pretty hard to find and quite expensive, you might have to go bargain-hunting at thrift stores and vintage markets. There are mass-produced Delft-like products available at local retailers, which will certainly be more than sufficient if you are unable to find the real deal.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas

Luxe Texture

A wonderful way to bring a Winter-feel to your wedding decor is to add textures. Make use of Chunky Cable Knit Throws and pillows scattered around your pre-drinks and reception area to encourage guests to get comfortable. You can create lounge pockets with throws and poufs and supply your guests with fleece blankets to stay warm. Remember to make use of Luxurious fabrics like Fluffy knits and Rustic fabrics. Lastly, make use of grainy, matt ceramics for extra texture on your tables.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas

Simple Scandinavian

For the no-frills bride, the simplicity of Scandinavian decor should appeal. This is a fantastic way to lower your budget as it requires minimal Decor items and very few floral arrangements. To accomplish a Scandinavian theme keep three basic rules in mind: Clean Lines, White or Neutral colour schemes and a Mix of materials, with a strong emphasis on wooden items.Winter Wedding Décor IdeasWinter Wedding Décor Ideas

With these tips, you can most definitely find ideas and inspiration on your Winter Wedding Decor. Check out our Wedding Flowers and Decor Inspiration board on Pinterest for more ideas on how to decorate your special day. Do you have any ideas on themes that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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