Wedding Flowers 101

Wedding Flowers 101

How much does it cost? How do you budget for flowers? Why is a florist so expensive? Can you do your wedding flowers yourself? Mabel Maposa from Mabel M Florals answers all these questions in this video segment and blog, “Wedding Flowers 101.”

1. Budget & Managing Your Expectation

There’s a misconceived idea from some brides about the budget for their wedding flowers. If you’ve got this Pinterest picture it’s almost certain that it will cost a lot of money to recreate. Any budget can work, but you need to be willing to accept the type of look your budget will allow. R5 000 can work if you’re willing to manage your expectations. If you are very serious about a certain look, you would have to cut/plan your budget better in other departments. Here are a few ways to do this:

  1. Invite less guests to your wedding
  • The money you save on drinks, stationery and food can be put towards your floral budget.

2. Use round tables instead of rectangular tables

  • Round tables require only a centerpiece of flowers where a rectangular table requires flowers and decor from one end to the other.

3. Use flowers that are in season and native to the country

  • Using native flowers are more cost-effective than importing flowers from around the world. Flowers that aren’t in season are also more expensive as more effort goes into sourcing them. Have a look at which flowers are in season for summer and autumn.

2. Quote

When requesting a quotation be sure to send enough reference images of the overall look and feel you want and the flowers you desire. This will ensure a more accurate quotation with realistic costs. You’ll get a quotation from your local florist where they normally break the quotation down into sections for you making it easy to see where the budget is allocated.

3. Logistics Fees

You will notice that there are logistics fees included in any floral quotation. Most brides try to overlook this, but please don’t! Don’t forget the florist must order, tend to and deliver the flowers with a team to make sure the flowers don’t get damaged on the way to your venue. You don’t want wilting and damaged flowers on your wedding day, right?

wedding flowers 101

4. DIY Brides Do’s and Don’ts

Some brides want to do their own wedding flowers but this is not recommended. Professional florists like Mabel are trained on exactly how to treat the flowers so that you receive perfect, fresh flowers. It takes the entire week to prep your flowers for the wedding day. Brides tend to look at the bulk amount on a floral quotation received and want to do it themselves; not thinking of all the logistics and labour involved. Remember, florists get flowers at a wholesale price compare to a bride who is not a registered florist. To sum it all up, you might think you’ll save money when doing your wedding flowers yourself but will certainly be surprised that it might work out more than just booking a professional florist from the start.

wedding flowers 101

However, if you are a creative at heart and enjoy doing DIY projects; making your bridal bouquet would be the easier arrangements to do. Simply follow this video step-by-step from Mabel herself:

5. Preparation for your wedding day

As mentioned, it takes quite a lot of time and labour to prepare flowers for your wedding day. Mabel explains the timeline from a florists’ perspective: “Flowers normally arrive on a Tuesday which is when we start preparing with the team. Florist are educated in terms of what to do if a flower starts dying or if it’s wilting, I know what to do to that flower because I’ve been trained to take care of that flower, you haven’t. So, for example, hydrangeas wilt so easily because they require lots of water. Even if they are in water and they wilt, what are you going to do? Maybe they are wilting because of the temperatures you are exposing them to. So remember, florists have been educated to know all these things so that they can create the perfect arrangements and give you the freshes flowers ever for your wedding day.”

wedding flowers 101

DIY Bride? Have a look at these easy projects you can execute for your wedding:

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