Wedding Chairs 101: Let’s Start

Wedding Chairs

Whether you have an intimate wedding or a big wedding, you will need chairs. Depending on your theme, or your budget there are many options to choose from. Irusha from Baie Goeters take us through the different chairs available and which fit best with which wedding theme.

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1. Wimbledon Chairs Also Known as Folding Chairs:

These are wonderful chairs, specifically for outside wedding ceremonies, they do not sink into the ground. So if you are planning an outdoor, maybe brunch wedding – these are the chairs for you. They are easily available and affordable. They can also be used inside and fold and pack away without difficulty so if you need to clear space quickly, these are your best bet.

2. The Tiffany Chair:

These are the traditional wedding chairs. They are made out of wood, faux wood or bamboo. They are affordable and easily available. They come in different colours and can be decorated easily to fit in with any theme.

3. The Victoria Chair:

This chair has the Oval backrest, which is the old Victorian Style of chairs. The ghost Victorian Chair is the most popular one. It is transparent and therefore reflects light beautifully and simply goes with any style of décor and wedding theme. They do come in different colours, for example, black. If you are a couple looking for something edgier, more alternative – then the black Victorian chairs are a must.

4. The Chameleon Chair:

These chairs take on all your decor style requirements. They are the chairs you can cover with slips, with cushions, with bows and sashes or you can keep them uncovered for the traditional look. The name says it all.

5. The Louise XVI Chair:

Opulence at its best, these chairs are named after King Louise XVI husband to the famous Marie Antoinette. These chairs are sturdy and comfortable. They also come in a variety of colours and styles. You can choose from the traditional wood or go for the ever-popular Ghost chair and if you want to be completely decadent you can always opt for the Golden Oval Back.

6. The Wire Chair:

If you follow trends then you already know this chair! It is the top trending Wedding Chair at the moment on Instagram and Pinterest. They can be used inside or outside. They incorporate a feeling of nostalgia and they are very comfortable, because of the incline instead of having the straight back. They are also very sturdy and come in multiple colours, the most trending colour is white.

7. The Marais Chair:

The origin of these chairs dates back to the 1930’s mostly found in Paris Cafés. If you are having an Industrial Theme Wedding, then these are the chairs for you. They are metal chairs that come in different colours, the most popular colours are red and black.

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