Spring Wedding Decor Trends

The wedding season is here and we are bringing you the Top Trends for Spring! Did you miss our previous posts? So far we have covered Wedding Stationery Trends and Wedding Dress Trends. The latest Trends we’re bringing you is Wedding Decor Trends. There are so many new and creative ideas out there, it’s hard to formulate a cohesive concept. We have asked Event Affairs, Green Goddess Flower Studio and Jade Customised Events to shed some light on the upcoming Wedding Decor Trends to help you out.

Wedding Colour Trends

Colour is literally popping up all over the place, so to stay on trend here, incorporate up to three colours into your palette for the day and play around with decor pieces that best convey that pop. Word to the wise on this one: make sure it’s just a pop and not an explosion! Yellow and shades of yellow is fast becoming a 2015/2016 season favourite. Yellow is best used in its varying shades and flanked with not only clear glass elements but also shades of blue and gold, so as to warm the tone and make the colour experience less rigid in your décor design. Marsala and the palettes of burgundy, plums and shades of pinks is a trend that will not fade soon either. The richness of this colour tone will turn any room into a romantic, ambient affair. Coupled with good lighting and the fact that both silver; gold and glass can work with this tone, means that it is multifaceted and can appeal to most brides’ preference.

Updated White Wedding Colour Scheme

The elegance of a white wedding will never lose its popularity, but the manner in which it is styled is the key. Opulent flowers, with lots of glass refraction, will deliver a mood of elegance and romance. Make sure the glass refraction is a fusion of modern lines, crystal cut edging and various heights of candle and flower holders, so as to give the illusion of a fuller look.Spring Wedding Décor Trends

Suspended Food Service

We are all a little tired of food being served on trays! So how about serving it hanging off the wall or from a tree! This novel idea can be incorporated to suit the theme of your wedding decor by using elements of the same colours or materials as the display. Brainstorm with your Wedding Planner, along with your Caterer, on how to accomplish this in a way that not only suits your menu but your venue and guests too.Spring Wedding Décor TrendsSpring Wedding Décor Trends

Lighting – Bold Light Bulbs and Lettering

Lighting should be on every Bridal budget! It is a very justifiable expense that can take your venue from run of the mill, to bright, ambient and warm with the flick of a switch! A new favourite – naked bulbs! They are incredibly versatile and globes can be done in all shapes and sizes. Brightly lit lettering is also wonderful and makes boring signage into something spectacular. Lighting is generally a decorative feature that is commonly overlooked when planning wedding decor facets, but lighting is one of the key aspects that should be considered. Whether it be in the form of bulb lights, fairy lights, lampshades, wash lighting or even as simple a feature as candle lighting there are so many options that when pieced together with careful consideration can be a statement piece on its own. Lighting ultimately sets the mood and tone for your event and makes all your decor elements come to life.Spring Wedding Décor Trends

Table Layout

The most popular table layout this season is that of long banquet tables. Not only are they popular due to the fact that they lend itself to a more opulent illusion for decor design, but they too deliver a more spacious and flexible strategy for buffet to table food style of service. Very extensively long banquet tables do lose their sociable effect, but taking the concept of a banquet table, and shortening it somewhat to only accompany 2 to 3 tables together, means that guests are still able to engage with one another, whilst being able to still optimise the decor design illusion and easy food service.

Drone Photography and Videography

The latest of the latest – Photographers and Videographers are utilising Drones to get not only a bird’s eye view of all elements of the Wedding, including a view of your decor and setup, but also to get the most fantastic shots of your guests and the bridal couple too! Check out this Buzzfeed article for more information and tips.Spring Wedding Décor TrendsSpring Wedding Décor Trends

The ultimate decor trend is to ensure that your wedding speaks volumes about who you are as a couple. Implement aspects that will only be special to you, and relate to you. That way your wedding will always be the most memorable. Not just to your guests…but to you as a couple too.

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Image sources: Darren Bester, Love Made Visible, Nikki Meyer PhotographyPinterest and Buzzfeed.

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